YPC Goals & Objectives – rev. 12/7/11

Pacific Yearly Meeting Youth Program Coordinator & Supervisory Committee

Goals & Objectives – revised and approved
7 December 2011

PYM’s Youth Program Coordinator (YPC) and the YPC Supervisory Committee work together with youth and adult Friends throughout PYM to fulfill the following goals and objectives:

Goal 1:  Provide opportunities for PYM teens to grow in faith and fellowship.

  • Objective 1A: The YPC will facilitate strong attendance by teens at regular gatherings in PYM by publicizing those gatherings among teens and by supporting teens in obtaining transportation and sponsorships; Year One attendance goals: 20-30 teens at PYM, 8-12 teens at SCQM, and 15-20 teens at CPQM. In Years 2 and 3, participation will increase by 10% each year by adding new attendees and retaining existing ones.
  • Objective 1B: Each year, the YPC will organize one or two additional teen-centered gatherings, 10-20 teens per gathering, with teens from both quarters participating each year.
  • Objective 1C: For each of the gatherings described above, the YPC will support teens in planning and facilitating sessions that explore Quaker faith and practice, which might include sessions of service.
  • Objective 1D: For each yearly and quarterly gathering, the YPC will help the planning committees of the gatherings design plenary sessions with sensitivity to the needs and interests of teens, and will encourage active participation by teens in those plenary sessions.

Goal 2:  Provide opportunities for PYM young adults to grow in faith and fellowship. (Note: This goal has been temporarily de-emphasized in order to focus more effort on the other Goals at first, although some work is continuing in this area.)

  • Objective 2A: In Years One and Two, the YPC will visit 1-2 Monthly Meetings or Worship Groups per month and will conduct one-to-one conversations with 2-4 young adults during at least half of those visits or through phone, Facebook, etc.; through those conversations, the YPC will determine the types of events, activities and programs that young adults would like PYM to support, as well as the procedures by which young adults would like to develop those events, activities, and programs.
  • Objective 2B: Each year, the YPC will support young adults in planning and implementing at least one of the events, activities, or programs identified above.
  • Objective 2C: Each year, the YPC will facilitate strong attendance by young adults at regular gatherings in PYM by publicizing those gatherings among young adults, resulting in 10-15 young adults engaged in the Young Friends community at PYM gatherings each year.

Goal 3:  Provide opportunities for adults in PYM – as individuals, committees, and whole Meetings – to grow in their abilities to support youth effectively and to develop corporate practices for doing so.

  • Objective 3A: Each year, the YPC will organize two day-long workshops for Friendly Adult Presences (FAPs), 6-10 participants per workshop, with adults and teens from both quarters participating.
  • Objective 3B: Each year, the YPC will visit 1-2 Monthly Meetings or Worship Groups per month and will conduct 5-10 one-to-one conversations with youth and adults in each of those meetings; in those conversations the YPC will identify successes and challenges that each Meeting experiences in supporting its youth, and will explore potential solutions to any problems.
  • Objective 3C: Each year, the YPC will facilitate worship-sharing sessions or small-group discussions in at least six Monthly Meetings in which 4-6 adults reflect on their successes and challenges in supporting youth effectively and explore potential solutions to problems. In at least half of those sessions, 4-6 youth will also participate.

Goal 4:  Provide opportunities for youth and adults in PYM to develop a spirit of mutual learning while seeking unity around matters of faith and practice.

  • Objective 4A: Each year, the YPC will aid the planning committees of quarterly gatherings to plan and implement at least one intergenerational activity at each gathering.
  • Objective 4B: Each year, the YPC will facilitate conversations at quarterly and yearly gatherings – including one-on-one and small-group discussions between youth and adults – that provide youth with opportunities to participate in decisions about their readiness to “graduate into” and “graduate out of” the teen programs (including JYM). The number of these conversations will vary according to the number of “transitional” youth each year.
  • Objective 4C: Each year, the YPC will facilitate strong attendance by PYM teens and adults at one weekend-long seminar/workshop on an issue relevant to both teens and adults, with participants drawn from both Quarters, with 6-10 teens and 6-10 adults and young adults participating.

Goal 5:  Develop systems of communication with youth and Monthly Meetings of PYM.

  • Objective 5A: The YPC will develop and maintain a communications database of PYM teens, Young Friends, and adult contact-persons for the PYM Youth Program in each Meeting; the YPC will also develop and maintain a Youth Program Facebook page and webpage.
  • Objective 5B: The YPC will create and manage a database of Quaker-related programs and opportunities that would be of interest to teens and young Friends in PYM Meetings and Worship Groups.
  • Objective 5C: The YPC will regularly post Quaker-related events and opportunities that would be of interest to teens and young friends on the Youth Program Facebook page and webpage (including events of FGC, Pendle Hill, and Young Friends Gatherings, etc.); the YPC will re-post each event announcement one month, two weeks, and two days before each event.
  • Objective 5D: The YPC, in cooperation with the YPC Supervisory Committee, will send out quarterly epistles (by the first of December, March, June, and September) to all Meetings of Pacific Yearly Meeting.
  • Objective 5E: The YPC and Supervisory Committee will publish short articles at least 4 times per year in other relevant venues, such as Western Friend or Friends Journal.


Goal 6: Develop and maintain administrative systems to support the work of the YPC, the YPC Supervisory Committee, and the Youth Program.

  • Objective 6A:The YPC will produce an on-going written record of issues and activities of the Youth Program by:
    • submitting staff reports to the YPC Supervisory Committee on a weekly or bi-weekly basis;
    • taking notes of meetings of the YPC Supervisory Committee and circulating those among committee members and the PYM Presiding Clerk;
    • maintaining the program website and e-communications (including file storage and sharing), and providing communications technical support to the YPC Supervisory Committee.
  • Objective 6B: The YPC will communicate as needed (via conference calls, in-person meetings, emails, memos, reports, etc.) with pertinent PYM entities (including the YPC Supervisory Committee, YPC Support Committee, PYM Treasurer, PYM Presiding Clerk, PYM M&O, JYM Adult Committee and Teen Clerks, Quarterly Meeting M&Os and teen programs, etc.) to resolve administrative and logistical details in the planning of YPC-supported events and programs.
  • Objective 6C: In conjunction with the designated Supervisor and the Treasurer, the YPC will co-create, co-manage, and refine employment administration systems for the YPC position (including benefits, payroll, policies, and procedures).
  • Objective 6D: The YPC will keep financial records of purchases, will track program spending against program budget, and will provide expense reports to the designated Supervisor and Treasurer.
  • Objective 6E: Each year, the YPC Supervisory Committee will evaluate the work of the YPC, the YPC Supervisory Committee, and the Youth Program; will produce an evaluation summary report; and will circulate the report throughout PYM.