2012 Epistle from the PYM Pre-School Group

2012 Epistle of the PYM Pre-School Group (PDF file)


2012 Epistle from the Pre-School group


These are some of the things we liked:

●  Making play dough – we used stamps that were sea creatures and the play dough was blue.

●  Singing songs.

●  Going to the garden – we looked at carrots and worms and we tasted some herbs.

●  Painting with our hands.

●  Playing with the shaving cream – it looked like whipped cream and it felt like sticky stuff.

●  Blowing bubbles an spraying water and making holes in the ground.

●  Dressing up in costumes.

●  Sleeping.

●  Visiting the goats and the sheeps and we saw deer.

●  We saw a yellow jacket hive – we stepped over it an walked this was (hand motion – zigzag).

●  Singing with the big kids and we read “One Monster After Another”.  We liked it.

●  Drinking juice and water, eating Graham Crackers, fruit and cheese.


children: Levi Mayers, Ezra Mayers, Zoe Wardrip-Fruin, Ciaran Lewbel

teachers: Heather Erlick, Minna Albongi, Denise Williams, Laura Adair