2012 Statistical Report

2012 Statistical Report (PDF file)

Pacific Yearly Meeting Statistical Report – 2012

This report summarizes membership information within the constituent monthly meetings of Pacific Yearly Meeting (PYM) for the statistical year ending May 31, 2012.

There are 37 constituent Monthly Meetings. Twenty-four meetings are in College Park Quarterly Meeting (65% of the total), nine meetings are in Southern California Quarterly Meeting (27% of the total), and four meetings not affiliated with a Quarterly Meeting (Big Island, Honolulu, Guatemala, and Mexico City), which represent 7% of the membership.

There are 14 worship groups:

  • Sierra Foothills Worship Group, under the care of Delta Meeting
  • Southern Humboldt Worship Group, under the care of Humboldt Meeting
  • Friends House, Ukiah, and Lake County Worship Groups under the care of Redwood Forest Meeting
  • West Marin Worship Group, under the care of San Francisco Meeting
  • Las Vegas Worship Group, under the care of Inland Valley Friends Meeting
  • Conejo Valley and Whitleaf, under the care of Orange Grove Monthly Meeting
  • Ojai Worship Group, under the care of Santa Barbara Monthly Meeting
  • Maui, Kauai, and Molokai Worship Groups under the care of Honolulu Meeting
  • Oaxaca Worship Group under the care of Mexico City Meeting

Two Meetings have 100 or more members: Palo Alto, with 100, and Strawberry Creek with 106. Seven Meetings have 10 or fewer members: Fresno, Mendocino, Napa-Sonoma, Redding, Big Island, Guatemala, and Mexico City.

Overall membership within the Pacific Yearly Meeting has decreased by 27, for a total of 1,390, down from 1,417 last year.

Thirty-eight people joined by convincement, 41 members died, and 28 members were released or withdrew. Fifteen members transferred into Meetings, and 15 transferred out. Most transfers were between Meetings within Pacific Yearly Meeting.

Within the past 12 years, PYM member meetings were blessed with a high of 1,534 members (2004). The lowest number of members is in 2012.

A 10-year Year-over-Year view of PYM membership changes, and the number and types of changes per Meeting, will be available on the Pacific Yearly Meeting website here.

Respectfully submitted, Lee Knutsen, PYM Statistical Clerk