AS 2012 Minutes Plenary I

PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary I (PDF file)


66th Annual Session, Plenary I began Monday, Eighth Month, 13th with worship at 6:45PM. Walker Creek Ranch, Marshall, CA.

Clerk’s Welcome

Clerk Marilee Eusebio (Davis) opened the Plenary.   She welcomed Friends to the 66th Annual Gathering of Pacific Yearly Meeting.  She reminded us that we have the opportunity this week to practice our faith and our testimonies.  While acknowledging the work and joys in front of us, she closed with the words of Shirin Ebadi, winner of the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize, “Embrace kindness.”

Roll CallSee Attachment 1: Roll Call 2012

Visitors and Representatives

  • Traci Hjelt Sullivan, FGC Conference Coordinator, Green Street Meeting, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PhYM).
  • Kathy Hyzy, Multnomah Meeting, NPYM.
  • Tess Solenberger, Bellingham Meeting, NPYM.
  • Lonnie Valentine, Clear Creek Meeting, Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting (FGC), Earlham School of Religion.
  • Margaret Sorrel, University Meeting, NPYM.
  • Andrew Secrest, Berkeley Friends Church, Western Association of the Religious Society of Friends.
  • John Calvi, Putney Meeting, New England YM.
  • Sonia Tuma, AFSC, Regional Director, Western Region.
  • Shan Cretin, AFSC, General Secretary, Philadelphia
  • Kathy Runyan, Co-director, Ben Lomond Quaker Center
  • Miguel Angel Costop, Guatemala Friends Scholarship Program, Guatemala Meeting, Redwood Forest Meeting.
  • Eric Sabelman, EarthLight
  • Sandy Farley, EarthLight

Walker Creek Welcome

Walker Creek Ranch Manager Claudia Lyons welcomed us to Walker Creek Ranch and updated us on changes at this beautiful site, a container for magic to happen.

Nominating Committee

Clerk David Barrows (San Diego) made the report.  In order to fill a vacancy because of resignations and to do the work of the yearly meeting, the Clerk of Yearly Meeting and the Clerk of Nominating Committee made the following interim appointments, to be confirmed at this annual session of PYM:

Lanny Jay (Redwood Forest) to be a member of the Site Committee, for the term ending in 2012.

Lanny Jay (Redwood Forest) to be Clerk of the Site Committee, for the term ending in 2012.

Dottie Vera-Weiss and Brian Vera-Weiss (Palo Alto) to serve as Arrangements Co-clerks for the term ending in 2012.

Terrill Keeler (Live Oak) to be Clerk of Children’s Program Committee for term ending 2012.

These appointments will be brought back at the end of Plenary for approval.


Nominated Co-clerks Dottie and Brian Vura-Weiss (Palo Alto):  The job is to make it look like running an Annual Session is easy.  Announcements were about food choices, worship-sharing locations, affinity group spaces, lost and found, interest groups, wheelchair availability and the message board.  They asked us to be gentle with them and with the Walker Creek staff who have worked very hard to get this site ready for us.

Children’s Program

Children’s Program Coordinator Rhea Farley (Strawberry Creek) addressed the gathering.  She thanked several individuals, introduced the staff and made announcements about the program to the Gathering.

Junior Yearly Meeting

Members of the JYM committee – Thomas Rios (La Jolla), Brandon Fagin (Reno),  Auggie Brinker (Santa Cruz), Tess Solenburger (Bellingham, WA), and Emma Castinedo (LaJolla) – reported on activities planned for this week.  Melissa Lovett-Adair, acting Clerk of the Adult JYM Committee, introduced the Friendly Adult Presence volunteers (FAPs), most of whom have already done a FAP training. Alyssa Nelson, Youth Program Coordinator, was also introduced.

Young Friends

Co-clerks Nora Cooke (Grass Valley) and Nate Secrest (Lake County), and Youth Program Coordinator Alyssa Nelson (Davis), came forward.  They made several announcements to the Annual Session.  Representatives from all PYM committees were invited to the Young Friends business meeting on Wednesday.  Alyssa Nelson announced the expansion of her support of Young Friends.

The Youth Program Coordinator Supervisory Committee sponsored a pre-annual-session workshop at Quaker Center, “Seeking Spirit All Together: Intergenerational Faith, Fun, and Fellowship,” co-facilitated by Alyssa Nelson and Young Friends Co-clerk Nate Secrest (Redwood Forest). The workshop drew a total of 25 Friends (including 4 teens and 1 young adult) representing 12 Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups, 14 Quaker organizations or projects, 9 PYM committees, and 4 Quarterly Meeting committees. Nineteen of those participants subsequently attended this annual session.

Epistle Committee

Barbara Babin announced that the following have been appointed by the M&O committee to serve as the Epistle Committee for this session:  Steve Smith (Claremont), Cody Lowry (Orange Grove) and Patricia Portillo (Sacramento).  Steve Smith will be convener.


Clerk Don Bean (Conejo Valley) made several announcements regarding the Daily Miracle.

Worship-Sharing Sub-committee

Dan Strickland (Orange Grove) made announcements about the Worship-Sharing Groups locations, split this year into either morning or afternoon groups.


Registrar Sarah Tyrrell (Berkeley) and Assistant Registrar Joyce Samati (Strawberry Creek) greeted the 280+ participants at Annual Session and welcomed questions.

Nominating Committee

We approved the following minutes:

AS Minute 2012.1:  Lanny Jay (Redwood Forest) will be a member of the Site Committee for the term ending in 2012.

Lanny Jay (Redwood Forest) will be Clerk of the Site Committee for the term ending in 2012.

AS Minute 2012.2:  Dottie Vura-Weiss and Brian Vura-Weiss (Palo Alto) will be Arrangements Co-clerks for the term ending in 2012.

AS Minute 2012.3:  Terrill Keeler (Live Oak) will be Clerk of Children’s Program Committee for term ending 2012.

The minutes of Plenary I were read and approved.

Closing silence at 8:10PM.

Julie Harlow and Amy Cooke, Co-Recording Clerks

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Clerk