AS 2012 Minutes Plenary II

PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary II (PDF file)


Plenary II began with silent worship at 9:45AM.


Reading Clerk Russell Swanagon (Central Coast) read excerpts from IMYM (Intermountain Yearly Meeting) Annual Session epistles. On the theme of Nurturing the Next Generation we were reminded that we all need elders and the help of God.  The Senior Young Friends expressed appreciation for being more listened to.  To allay fears that Young Friends go away as adults, they shared the view that it doesn’t matter how often you participate:  what matters is how you live your life.

Youth Program Coordinator Supervisory Committee

Youth Program Coordinator Alyssa Nelson (Davis); Clerk Kate Watkins (Santa Monica); Jim Summers (La Jolla); and Steve Leeds (San Francisco) represented the committee.

Kate Watkins gave the report.  She noted that the functions of the committee have evolved as the committee has reviewed its role.   The committee sees its role as developing the youth program, with the Youth Program Coordinator (YPC) in a supportive role with the committee – rather than the other way around.  They see the YPC as a resource, an interpreter and catalyst; rather than as an event planner and program manager.

The committee reported that a set of queries was sent out to Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups as part of evaluating the program.  Twenty-four out of forty-three responded.  Overwhelmingly, Friends responded with enthusiasm for the work of the YPC.  There is a longing to extend our faith to the younger generation and the YPC is meeting that longing.  The program is also helping adults learn how to support young people.   The cost is still an issue in many Meetings.  On one hand there is the cost; and on the other, this is a vital and important thing we are doing.  Communication also remains a challenge.

The committee brought forward a minute for consideration.  Representative Committee 2012 approved the following to be brought forward to the Annual Session:

To allow for a full evaluation and understanding of the experiment of funding a Youth Program Coordinator for Pacific Yearly Meeting, we recommend to the Annual Session 2012 of Pacific Yearly Meeting that the calendaring of the three year Youth Program Coordinator position start in April 2010 and end at the conclusion of the fiscal year 2013 (9/30/2013). 

This minute will be seasoned until later in the Annual Session.

YPC Alyssa Nelson gave her section of the appended report to us.   Her goals for the upcoming year are to continue to expand the projects and activities that have been effective; to help PYM build an infrastructure, coherence, and an overarching focus for “How to be Quakers in the world”; to extend the Coordinator and Committee’s resources to serve Young Adult Friends (as stated in the original proposal); and to improve communications and relationships.

See Attachment 2:  YPCSC Report (HTML post and PDF file)

The clerk reminded us of the presence of a Time Keeper at each session to help us stay on schedule.

Ministry and Oversight Committee

Clerk Barbara Babin (Redwood Forest) introduced the rest of the committee.  She reminded us of the themes of healing and transformation.  The visioning for the future of the Yearly Meeting led to changes in this year’s schedule for this Annual Session as an experiment.  She asked that we work to recognize the places where we disagree and to be gentle with each other and ourselves.

See Attachment 3: M&O Committee Report (HTML post and PDF file)

(full report is attached as are full reports from all subcommittees)

See Attachment 4: State of the Meeting Reports overview (HTML post and PDF file)

Minutes for Plenary II were approved.

Closing silence

Julie Harlow and Amy Cooke, Co-Recording Clerks

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Clerk