AS 2012 Minutes Plenary III

PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary III (PDF file)


Plenary III began with silent worship at 3:15PM.


Reading Clerk Russell Swanagon (Central Coast) read from the epistle of the 138th annual session of Illinois Yearly Meeting.  They expressed joy in just being together and appreciation for those who attended the World Gathering in Kenya recognizing that we are all one. We should “remain engaged when in conflict” because “peace is the way, not the outcome”.

Nominating Committee

Clerk David Barrows (San Diego) introduced the rest of the committee, presented the proposed slate and went over changes and openings.  Diversity of age, gender and geography is sought, but not always achieved.  The slate will be acted on at a later session.

(full committee report will be attached when approved)

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Ed Flowers (Appleseed) gave the report.  Highlights include:

  • Year to date Monthly Meeting Revenue is very close to the budgeted amount. The per-member assessment, for the current year, is $89.
  • We have made a loan of $20,000 to Friends House, at 3% interest.
  •  Income exceeded expenses for the Annual Gathering 2011.
  • We no longer do business with Bank of America.  We have accounts in Wells Fargo.  We have not yet found an institution that meets all our needs, and we continue to search.
  • The value of the inventory of Faith and Practice has been reduced and most of the inventory is in San Francisco.
  • We have lowered the amount of liability insurance we carry from $4 million to $1 million, and thereby reduced our premium. We applied for “sexual misconduct” coverage and our application was rejected because we do not perform background checks on volunteers and employees who work with minors.

See Attachment #5: Treasurer Report (HTML post and PDF file)


Clerk Donna Smith (Redwood Forest) reported on a Review of the Finances and the ongoing implementation of recommendations.  She then presented the proposed budget for 2012-13.  This document includes the 2011-12 budget and the actual spending through 7/31.

See Attachment #6:  Finance Report (HTML post and PDF file)

(the budget will be attached when approved)

Statistical Report

PYM Statistical Clerk Lee Knutsen (Monterey Peninsula) gave the report, which is appended in its entirety.  A 10-year year-by-year view of PYM membership changes and the number and types of changes per Meeting are on the PYM website and are also appended.

There are 37 constituent Monthly Meetings in PYM. Twenty-four meetings are in College Park Quarterly Meeting, nine meetings are in Southern California Quarterly Meeting, and four meetings are not affiliated with a Quarterly Meeting.  There are 14 worship groups.

Overall membership within the Pacific Yearly Meeting has decreased by 27, for a total of 1390, down from 1417 last year.

See Attachment #7: Statistical Report (HTML post and PDF file)

Minutes of Plenary III were approved.

Guest Speaker John Calvi (Putney, Vermont; NEYM) gave the keynote address:

“The Dance Between Hope and Fear Amidst Friends.”

Speaking from his 30 years of experience as a healer focusing on the release of pain following trauma, he shared the following:

●  Healing has 4 steps:  listening and kindness; trained compassion; bringing pieces back together as they were before; and experiencing Divine intervention that brings the blessing of great light and great change

●  Hope is the desire for goodness with the expectation that it can be achieved.

●  We are aspects of the Divine: We are the fingers and breath of the Divine.

●  The sources of goodness are: giving and receiving love; taking a stand; experiencing the Divine, which requires real stillness, not even hearing ourselves; using personal power for common good.

●  The obstacles to seeing our own goodness: false modesty; shame – that is, not addressing the dark parts of ourselves; and pain – emotional, spiritual or physical.

●  The antidotes to these obstacles: reverence for self – seeing that we are important and must be taken care of; honesty with charity – honesty that does not intend pain; and reconnecting with the Divine – listen to and know the Divine, know what we hold sacred.


Julie Harlow and Amy Cooke, Co-Recording Clerks

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Clerk