AS 2012 Minutes Plenary IV

PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary IV (PDF file)


Plenary IV began with silent worship at 9:45AM.


Reading Clerk Russell Swanagon (Central Coast) read from the epistle of SEYM (SouthEastern Yearly Meeting) who are all well coiffed after visiting their fund-raising Worship-Shearing Tent.  IMYM (InterMountain Yearly Meeting) heard from 8 representatives who attended the World Gathering in Kenya, noting the “dissonance felt between the physical poverty and the spiritual hospitality of Kenyan Quakers”.

Initial naming committee

Convener Jean Lester (Orange Grove) named the other members of the committee and presented the slate for the Nominating Committee.  This proposal will receive action later in this session.  (the approved slate will be attached)

American Friends Service Committee

AFSC General Secretary Shan Cretin (PhYM); and AFSC West Regional Director Sonia Tuma came forward to report.

Shan Cretin reminded us that the AFSC was founded in 1917 by Friends as the United States was going to war, in order to do the work of peace building beyond the capacity of any single Yearly Meeting.  Shan shared that the AFSC has stabilized itself economically and is poised to grow.   They are reclaiming and renewing their connections with Friends.  In that light, Lucy Duncan has come into the AFSC as the new Friends Liaison.  The Monthly Meetings have received information on liaison opportunities with AFSC.

The gathering was reminded that the number of regions has been reduced from nine to four.  While the regions may appear large, the advances in technology enable greater communication and thus allow for the larger regions to function effectively.

Shan shared recent research that has shown that nonviolence is twice as effective as violence in resolving conflict and those who use nonviolence are more likely to use a democratic process as the region becomes stabilized.  The AFSC is working for the resolution of conflict through non-violence around the world.

Sonia Tuma greeted us.  She brings many years and a breadth of experience to her position.  Sonia invited Friends to participate in the 11 locations and 20 programs under the AFSC’s care in the West region.

See attachment #8: AFSC Report to PYM 2012 (PDF file)

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)

Stephen McNeil (Strawberry Creek) named the other representatives to FCNL and reported on concerns including actions to promote diplomacy and prevent a war with Iran, Native American issues, the annual priorities list including campaign finance reform, and an upcoming Quaker Public Policy Institute and lobby day (see details on-line).

See attachment #9: 2012 FCNL Representative Report to PYM (HTML post and PDF file)

Peace and Social Order

Clerk Jeff Kroeber (San Jose) gave the report, appended. Several members of the committee came forward and gratitude was given for the support of many Friends.

There is growing concern about possible conflicts escalating with Iran. The committee recommends that all Friends carefully review, engage in prayer upon, and consider acting upon the Minute on Iran approved at Orange Grove Meeting in Fourth Month 2012.  This minute appears on the Orange Grove Meeting web site and is appended herein.

In addition, the committee has come to unity on bringing the following minute forward to the Annual Session regarding the death penalty:

“Pacific Yearly Meeting endorses, and encourages California voters to support Proposition 34.”

This minute will be seasoned until a later Plenary.  Friends are advised to discuss the minute with members of the P&SO committee.

See attachment #10: Peace & Social Order Report (HTML post and PDF file)

Friends Committee on Legislation of California (FCLCA)

Clerk of the board Laurel Gord (Santa Monica) pointed out the availability of the newsletter and the development of the website.

Friends United Meeting (FUM)

Representative Elaine Emily (Strawberry Creek) reported from the FUM Gathering whose theme was “Transforming Lives – Roman 12:2”.  They cautioned that we not be dragged down by easy acceptance of the surrounding culture but let God bring out the best in you. They reported on their mission work and how they struggle to be less imperialistic.  The West Richmond Monthly Meeting has become “open and affirming” and has led to a painful split in Indiana Yearly Meeting.

See Attachment #???

Minutes of Plenary IV were approved.

 Julie Harlow and Amy Cooke, Co-Recording Clerks

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Clerk