AS 2012 Minutes Plenary IX

PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary IX (PDF file)


Plenary IX began with silent worship at 8:45AM.


Reading Clerk Russell Swanagon (Central Coast) read excerpts from 2011 NEYM Annual Session which celebrated 350 years together from the Great Meetinghouse which served the Yearly Meeting from 1699-1905.  They recognized their responsibility toward healing the earth with heart, creativity and humor.  As George Fox commented to them in 1672, “It was hard for Friends to part, for the glorious power of the Lord…flowed amongst us and so united us together that we had difficult taking leave of one another.”

Naming Report

Convener Jean Lester (Orange Grove) read the final Naming report.

AS Minute 2012.9:  The following were approved for the Nominating Committee:

Elaine Emily, Strawberry Creek, (2013)

Muriel Strand, Sacramento (2014)

David Barrows, San Diego, clerk (2015)

Carl Anderson, Strawberry Creek (2015)

Henrietta Groot, Central Coast (2015)

Final Nominating Committee

Clerk David Barrows (San Diego) came forward and thanked the members of the Nominating Committee and those who have stepped forward to serve the Yearly Meeting.

AS Minute 2012.10:  Pacific Yearly Meeting approves including the adult clerks of teen programs in CPQM and SCQM as ex officio members of the Junior Yearly Meeting Committee.

AS Minute 2012.11:  The slate of 2012 nominations brought forward in this annual session by the Nominating Committee was approved.

See Attachment #15: PYM 2012 Nominating Report and email directory (PASSWORD protected) (PDF file – Contact web [at] pacificyearlymeeting [dot] org for password if needed.)

In response to questions, Barbara Babin (Redwood Forest), Clerk of Ministry and Oversight, reported that M&O is taking the concerns regarding the number of representatives attending other organizations under consideration and will make a report to Representative Committee 2013.

 We approved the following minute.

AS Minute 2012.12:  Authorized signatures for bank accounts and financial instruments for Pacific Yearly Meeting shall be those of the Treasurer, Assistant to the Treasurer and Clerk of the Finance Committee.

PYM Holding Corporation Report

President Lanny Jay (Redwood Forest) gave the appended report.  He reminded Friends that the PYM Holding Corporation, as a 501(c)(2), is responsible for holding and disbursing the proceeds received as a result of laying down San Fernando Valley Meeting and selling its Meetinghouse.  At this time the proceeds, some $97 thousand, are held by the Holding Corporation and are available to help PYM’s Monthly Meetings acquire or construct new Meetinghouses.  The PYM Holding Corporation is also making these funds available for the renovation and greening of meetinghouses.  These grants would not be as large as those for building or acquiring meetinghouses.  PYM representatives to the monthly meetings were reminded to take this information home to their Meetings.

See Attachment #16:  Holding Corporation Report (HTML post and PDF file)

Peace and Social Order

Clerk Jeff Kroeber (San Jose) brought back the minute proposed in Plenary IV.  This minute reinforces the 2001 statement of PYM to oppose the death penalty.  Discussion brought out the fact that this proposition is carefully worded to maximize the chance of passing.

AS Minute 2012.13:  Pacific Yearly Meeting endorses and encourages Californians to vote for Proposition 34, the initiative to replace the death penalty with life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.  Although this proposition is based on cost savings, we oppose the death penalty on moral grounds.

 Note:  Discussion continued following the approval of this minute.  We regret that the proposition does not address our moral and theological objections to both the death penalty and life sentences without parole.


Registrar Sarah Tyrrell (Berkeley) gave the final report on this year’s Annual Session, which is appended in full.  It was noted that the attendance is at 288 this year, up from 246 from last year.

See attachment #17:  Registrars  Report (HTML post and PDF file)



Junior Yearly Meeting

Co-clerk Rose Mackenzie (Orange Grove) presented their epistle which touched on the many activities that bonded them into a close knit group.  In parting, they take solace from the words of Dr. Seuss: “Don’t cry because it’s over – smile because it happened.”

See Attachment #18; Junior Yearly Meeting 2012 Epistle (HTML post and PDF file)

Young Adult Friends (YAF) formerly Young Friends

Co-clerks Nora Cooke (Grass Valley) and Nate Secrest (Lake County) gave the Epistle and report, attached.   YAF activities this year included Respectful Relations activities with JYM, which included a workshop with John Calvi; as well as a “speed dating” style exercise to familiarize Young Adult Friends with the work of the Senior Yearly Meeting.

The meeting for business of the YAF came to unity on the creation of a planning/clerking committee to hold the group’s needs through the year.  Mark Runyan (Chico), Ty Graham (Central Coast), Cedar Green (??MM), and Nate Secrest (Lake County) will be serving on the committee for 2012-13.

The YAF also came to unity on creating an experimental, open support committee, and is in discernment on whether it should be continued as a YAF committee or recommended to be under the care of the greater PYM.  The Senior Yearly Meeting members serving on this committee for the 2012-2013 year are Alyssa Nelson (Davis), Diego Navarro (Santa Cruz??), Jim Summers (La Jolla), Carl Magruder (Strawberry Creek) and Lisa Hubbell (Strawberry Creek).

Five Action Minutes were approved by the Young Adult Friends Meeting for Business, and are appended.

See Attachment #19: Young Adult Friends Approved Minutes (HTML post and PDF file)

See Attachment #20: Young Adult Friends 2012 Epistle (HTML post and PDF file)

Children’s Program

David Forbes (Santa Cruz), the morning elementary teacher, read the attached Epistle.  The children spoke to their future selves, reminding those children of the future of the experiences and friendships they shared during this week.  They hope that their discoveries about creation, teamwork, community, worship, the environment, and all of the connections that tie these things together stick with them.

See Attachment #21: Children’s Program 2012 Epistle (HTML post and PDF file)

Middle School

Children from the program read their epistle:  It highlighting the activities they enjoyed, guest presenters including Elizabeth Fry, and creative projects like “Coffee…the Musical.”

See Attachment #22: Middle-School 2012 Epistle (HTML post and PDF file)

Pre school

Heather Elrick (Santa Cruz) and Minna Albarqi read the children’s epistle which listed many of the activities that they liked including shaving cream, worms, work in the garden, sleeping, many animals and singing during circle time.

See Attachment #23: Pre-School 2012 Epistle (HTML post and PDF file)


Convener Steve Smith (Claremont) read the final version of the epistle from Pacific Yearly Meeting, which highlights the gifts of our natural setting and the healing work we are called to within ourselves, our community and our broken world. 

We accepted the Epistle.

See Attachment #24: PYM 2012 Epistle (HTML Post and PDF file)

Clerk’s closing remarks

She expressed gratitude for all the work that went into making this Annual Session happen especially the work of the Experimentation and Implementation Sub-committee.   She also appreciates and looks forward to the continuing work of the PYM Representative Support Sub-committee in developing and strengthening the connections between the monthly meetings and the Yearly Meeting.  Her experience as our Clerk has been one of change and joy.

 Minutes of Plenary IX were approved.

Closing worship


Julie Harlow and Amy Cooke, Co-Recording Clerks

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Cler