AS 2012 Minutes Plenary V

PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary V (PDF file)


Plenary V began with silent worship at 3:15PM

Latin American Concerns Committee

The report was given by Clerk Dottie Vura-Weiss (Palo Alto).  The committee continues to focus on its primary mission of increasing awareness among Friends regarding the meetings and projects in Latin America related to PYM, via the committee’s bilingual website ( and by sponsoring interest groups at the Annual Session.

Miguel Angel Costop, Director of Progresa, the Guatemala Friends Scholarship/Loan Program, greeted us.  He shared how the program  – celebrating its 40th year – has impacted his life and the lives of the participants.  Ninety-six percent of the Guatemalan population is considered poor.  Only 3% of the population has ever attended university – these statistics point to the close links between education and poverty.  Education is an avenue for healing the pain of poverty, giving hope through gaining access to the treasure of education.

The three major projects of the committee – Casa de Los Amigos, Mexico City; Guatemala Friends Scholarship Loan Program; and El Salvador Projects, Palo Alto Friends Meeting – are continuing.  Please see individual committee members and the LACC for more information on the committee’s activities.

See Attachment #11: Latin American Concerns Committee Report (HTML post and PDF file)

Minutes of Plenary V up to this point were approved.

FWCC:  Salt and Light presentation – see notes in Plenary VI.

Julie Harlow and Amy Cooke, Co-Recording Clerks

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Clerk