Evaluation Queries for Meetings and Worship Groups – YPC Program Evaluation – November 2012

From: Lanny Jay, landbird [at] comcast [dot] net
On behalf of the PYM Youth Program Coordinator Supervisory Committee

24 November 2012
RE: Request for Input to PYM Youth Program Evaluation

Dear Clerks of PYM Monthly Meetings, Conveners of Worship Groups, Monthly Meeting Representatives to PYM, and PYM Youth Program Liaisons with MMs/WGs:

Below is a list of queries that we ask your Meeting or Worship Group to consider. Please send us your responses and any other comments before February 1, 2013 so that we can have time to review the data and prepare our report.

As you may know, our PYM Youth Program’s experimental period is culminating in 2013, and PYM will be making a decision about the future of the program and paid coordinator position at the Annual Session. By PYM’s request, the Youth Program Coordinator Supervisory Committee is therefore conducting a program evaluation to be presented at Representative Committee in March 2013, where a recommendation will be forwarded to the Annual Session.

This evaluation builds on the information we gathered last year from individual Friends, Meetings, and Worship Groups; a summary of those findings was presented at the 2012 Annual Session (https://www.pacificyearlymeeting.org/2012/pym-docs/ypc/ypc-joint-report-to-2012-pym/). This year we are also conducting additional interviews with involved individuals, and we have held two focus groups with teens and Friendly Adult Presences.

If you have any questions or comments about this evaluation or the PYM Youth Program, please contact me at landbird [at] comcast [dot] net.

Thank you.

Lanny Jay (Redwood Forest Friends Meeting)


Queries for Monthly Meetings:
PYM Youth Program Evaluation 2012-2013

Please briefly respond to the following queries by email to landbird [at] comcast [dot] net before 2/1/2013.

1.   What has been your Monthly Meeting / Worship Group’s experience with or awareness of the PYM Youth Program Coordinator and Committee’s work?

2.   Is your Meeting/Group noticing more connections between and among your teens, young adults, and older adults? Please give examples.

3.   Are your Meeting’s teens and/or young adults experiencing more connections with the Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly Meeting, or with our Quaker organizations? Please give examples.

4.   How does your Meeting/Group’s youth program(s) compare with that of three years ago?

5.   What unmet needs should the Youth Program Coordinator and Committee focus on?

6.   Is financially supporting the Youth Program Coordinator a burden to your Monthly Meeting? What higher, lower, or similar level of financial support would be affordable?

7.   If the per-member assessment were to remain the same, would you want to continue to spend the money on a Yearly Meeting Youth Program and Coordinator, or would you choose to spend the money on something else?

8.   In what ways might we support our youth, build intergenerational community, and enhance the experience of our Quaker faith and community without a youth program coordinator?

9.   Is there anything else you would like us to know?