Job Description for Visiting Friend Committee

Job Description for Visiting Friend Committee (PDF file)

Job Description for Visiting Friend Committee

Purpose: As a sub-committee of the Ministry and Oversight Committee, the Visiting Friend Committee provides support for Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Visiting Friend.

Committee Members: The committee has three to five members. One member is also a member of PYM M&O and serves as liaison to that committee. Members serve for two years in, when possible, overlapping terms.


1. The committee provides support for the Visiting Friend by

a) providing spiritual support to the Visiting Friend.

b) overseeing visits, budget, and funds;

 c) assisting with travel and hospitality arrangements;

 d) facilitating communication between Meetings wishing to be visited and the Visiting Friend;

 e) collecting feedback from Meetings and discussing it with the Visiting Friend as appropriate; summarizing feedback for inclusion in committee’s report to M&O;

 f) reviewing annual reports of Visiting Friend; and,

 2. The committee will report at least annually to PYM’s M&O Committee.

3. The committee assists in the selection of the Visiting Friend by:

a) Staying aware of Friends who might be good candidates to serve as the Visiting Friend; and,

 b) When the current Visiting Friend’s term is nearing its end, the Committee will begin a nominating process to create a list of possible candidates to serve. Candidates on this list will be both suitable and available to serve. The list will be presented to Ministry and Oversight with recommendations. Naming of the Visiting Friend is the responsibility of M&O.

January 2012