JYM 2012 Epistle

JYM 2012 EPISTLE (PDF file)

Junior Yearly Meeting



We began our week as a fresh, new, young community greatly in need of finding togetherness. The Service Project began our process of connecting in the community, and Meeting for Memorials cemented our bonds. We proved able and willing to care for each other in times of heartache. Through Intergenerational Chat Boxes and a Power Walk we bridged the gap to the Senior Yearly Meeting. Capture the flag and other energetic, outdoor games allowed us to befriend the younger members of our community. By the end of our short time together we had become a loving, close-knit group of Friends.

We came to unity on the leadership roles for next year. The Friends in leadership roles for the 2013 JYM Gathering are Augie Brinker (Santa Cruz), Clare Griese (La Jolla), and Emma Castanedo (La Jolla) as Co-Clerks; Nathan Walker (Palo Alto) as Ministry and Oversight Clerk; and Anna Lichterman (Palo Alto), Hannah Mackinney (Strawberry Creek), and Miriam Myers (San Francisco) as the body of Ministry and Oversight.

So as we part, we keep in our hearts the relationships formed and remember the words of Dr. Seuss:

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”