PYM Elementary Children Epistle 2012

PYM Elementary Children Epistle 2012 (PDF file)

PYM Elementary Children’s Epistle 2012

We, the Pacific Yearly Meeting class of 2012 Elementary Students, would like our future selves to remember our experiences:

Our class, whether in the classroom or exploring, went on a journey together. We’ve learned to listen to the world around us and observe our surroundings. We sung together, we hiked together, and we created together. Our popsicle structure taught us the importance of teamwork. In building together, we strengthened both the bridge and our group. We learned that we can be creative with everything and gathered sticks and leaves to create self portraits. In doing this we saw ourselves reflected in the environment. Our group created mandalas and went swimming. The mandalas helped us center ourselves in worship. Everyday we also shared worship on the bridge: in the silence we could hear the stream below us. We saw deer and turkey vultures on our walks, and we found bones and feathers hidden in the grass. We were able to help with weeding in the garden, and it felt good to eat the lettuce that we had helped to take care of. The friendships that we formed with each other during our time together are ones that will last. As we remember this journey a decade from now we hope that our discoveries about creation, teamwork, community, worship, the environment, and all of the connections that tie these things together have stuck with us.

In Peace, Alden, Elias, Natalie, April, Reid, Grace, & Kristina