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Instructions For On-Line Registration
Pacific Yearly Meeting
Walker Creek Ranch
Petaluma, CA 94952
66th Annual Session
August 13-18, 2012


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• Complete one on-line form for each person attending Annual Session.  If you do not wish to have addresses, phone(s) and email(s) included in the Attenders List, select the “Opt Out” options on the form.  The Main Contact person should be the one to whom we send registration confirmation and advance documents.  Age (or decade for adults) is needed both for program and facility-use planning.  We will not intentionally reveal it.
• Indicate small group choices.  There are both morning and afternoon opportunities.  Worship-Sharing (WS) groups meet daily for deep sharing.  For many, this is the most meaningful part of PYM.  You may choose WS in the morning, afternoon, or both.  Partners may choose couples WS.   Drop-in WS is available for those attending less than an entire week.  Morning groups are held at the same time as Bible study (8:00 – 9:30 AM), and in the afternoon they are at the same time as Transformative Quakers (1:30 – 3:00 PM Tu-Th, after Memorials on Friday).  In choosing a week-long WS you have a daily commitment to that group and won’t be able to attend the other activity scheduled for that AM or PM time slot. You are encouraged to read Annual Session 2012 Schedule: An Experiment and review the Annual Session 2012 Schedule to help inform your WS choices.
• For each person, note any special needs.  Give details in space provided.  Also indicate whether you prefer family dorm, semi-private room, female or male lodging, or participating in the JYM/YF separate sleeping areas.
• Enter days of attendance.  A full week is Monday afternoon through Saturday noon.  If you are staying overnight you may register for the full week or for any number of consecutive nights.
• Choose housing.  There are four types: camping, large dorms (about 20 bunks per room), small dorms (3 to 5 beds per room), and semi-private (2-3 beds per room with nearby accessible baths).  Bathrooms are in adjacent buildings for those camping and in large dorms.  In small dorms, they are in the same building but sometimes on different floors.  Semi-private room availability is limited, and priority will be given to those with special needs. Parents may opt (at the same cost) to have older teens stay with the family or in separate, supervised girls and boys’ sleeping areas.  See the advice about making this decision.
• Fees do not include sheets, towels, pillows, or blankets, a set of which may be rented for $25 per week, or you may bring your own.  Campers are expected to provide their own gear.  There is no option for renting tents.  Registration is required for commuters and includes lunch, except on Monday.  Supper is an additional cost.
• Friends attending only Meeting for Memorials need not register.  Lunch is not provided for this option.
• Enter fees.  To receive the early discount, the registration form and full payment (less expected scholarship assistance and/or stipends) must be postmarked on or before June 25, 2012.  Those postmarked after July 13, 2012, will be assessed a late fee.  We cannot guarantee registrations after this date as we must give attendance counts to the facility.  Consider adding a donation to help Friends who cannot otherwise afford to attend.  Enter reductions, either anticipated scholarships or stipends from the Children’s Program or JYM.  Scholarships assistance is available, and you are encouraged to apply.  See separate instructions for applying.
• Indicate if transportation is needed from airport, train, or bus.  Someone will contact you via method(s) you provide here.
• Walker Creek is in a beautiful but isolated area near the coast.  Weather varies, even in the summer. Bring warm bedding and a jacket.  Start with a full tank of gas.  There are no stores or restaurants nearby.  Plan to eat lunch before arriving on Monday.  No pets are allowed.  Trained service animals, identified as such, are welcome.  If you bring other animals, you will be asked to leave.
• Mail the emailed confirmation of registration form, Children’s Program and JYM documents, and your check or money order, payable to “Pacific Yearly Meeting” to: Pacific Yearly Meeting Registration, c/o Berkeley Friends Meeting, 2151 Vine Street, Berkeley, CA, 94709-1533.  You may enclose as little as 25% of the total (less scholarships and stipends) and pay the balance upon arrival, but it simplifies registration if you pay all fees in advance.  Registration will not be complete until a mailed check is received.  We are not accepting credit cards.  If you live outside the U.S. and cannot pay by check, contact the Registrars.  Full refunds are available until July 18, 2012. Cancellations after that date will be charged $100.
• We will send registration confirmation and advance documents by email to the Main Contact on the form.  If you do not have email, you may request the documents be mailed, or download and print hard copies here. Children’s Program/JYM forms can also be found here.
• For questions, contact either Joe Magruder, (510) 528-9366; or Margaret Mossman (510) 235-6245; or both at “registrar [at] pacificyearlymeeting [dot] org”.

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