YAF 2012 Minutes Approved


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Pacific Yearly Meeting 2012

Young Adult Friends Minutes

Walker Creek Ranch Eighth Month 15th 2012

Minute YAF2012.01: The 18-35 year old community of Pacific Yearly Meeting came to unity on a name change and clarification. We hold ourselves to be Young Adult Friends in keeping with other Friends’ communities. Note: This minute shall be forwarded to the PYM Faith and Practice Revision Committee for inclusion in the next edition.

Minute YAF2012.02:  For the Pacific Yearly Meeting annual gathering 2013 a Young Adult Friends planning/clerking committee of four individuals of the YAF community is formed. These individuals are nominated in the general YAF business meeting. The committee is charged with creating the YAF schedule for 2013, managing the 2013 YAF scholarship process, clerking the YAF 2013 meetings for worship on the occasion of business, and performing outreach to Young Adult Friends.

Walker Creek Ranch Eighth Month 17th 2012

Minute YAF2012.03: The Young Adult Friends planning/clerking committee for 2013 is comprised of Mark Runyan, Ty Graham, Cedar Green, and Nate Secrest.

Minute YAF2012.04: The 2012 YAF epistle as read was accepted by the gathered Young Adult Friends community of Pacific Yearly Meeting.  Note: The epistle is appended in full.

Minute YAF2012.05: Young Adult Friends approve the creation of a YAF committee of support and care for the YAF community. This committee is to be implemented as an experimental, open committee for this coming year (2012-2013).  Although this is an open committee we would like to express our excitement of five names ready to serve on this committee: Alyssa Nelson, Diego Navarro, Jim Summers, Carl Magruder and Lisa Hubbell.