2013 AS report Ad Hoc Committee

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2013 AS report Ad Hoc Committee – Task Calendar Registration Team Selection (PDF file)

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Pacific Yearly Meeting

Proposed Process for Selecting and Approving a
Contract Registration Service

Date Task Person/Committee Responsible
At Annual Session Announce that there will be an open process for selecting a registration team for Pacific Yearly Meeting.  All interested Meetings are encouraged to apply to be the Contract Registration Service for the upcoming year.  Details will be announced by November 1. Registrars
End of September Read and interpret evaluations and other comments regarding the registration process for the current year’s Annual Session Outgoing registrars, current registrars,   Ministry and Oversight liaison, Assistant Clerk
October Develop a “Call for Contract Registration Service” based on PYM needs.  Reference job description held by Nominating Committee.     Update description, if necessary, based on registration team experience and evaluations.  Send to Presiding Clerk for review. When approved send to Assistant Clerk for dispersal. Outgoing registrars, current registrars, Ministry and Oversight liaison
First of November Issue “Call for Contract Registration Service” to all Meetings Assistant clerk
November to January Field questions from potential applicants Current registrars, Ministry and Oversight liaison
Mid January Applications due to registrars Current registrars
Mid January Review applications Current registrars, Ministry and Oversight Liaison, Assistant Clerk
Late January Negotiate contract if necessary.  Bring budget request to Finance Committee. Current registrars
February Select a Contract Registration Service to recommend to RepCom Current registrars, Ministry and Oversight Liaison, designee from Finance Committee
First of March Bring recommendation to RepCom for approval Current registrars
Following RepCom Get signatures on contract if necessary Current registrars
Following RepCom Begin working with Contract Reservation Service Current registrars