2013 AS Report from PYM Holding Corp

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2013 Annual Report of

Pacific Yearly Meeting Holding Corporation

                   This past year, Pacific Yearly Meeting Holding Corporation made $30,000 grants to Berkeley, Inland Valley and Redwood Forest Monthly Meetings to assist them with building (Inland Valley) or renovating their Meetinghouses (Berkeley Redwood Forest).  And, fully funding its request, Honolulu Monthly Meeting received $9,544 to build an access ramp that makes its Meetinghouse more accessible.

At this time (6/2/13), the San Fernando Valley Meetinghouse fund has $4,497 remaining in its account and continues to receive $581.79 in monthly mortgage payments from the Church which during 1996 purchased the erstwhile San Fernando Valley Meetinghouse.

In a separate account, PYMHC holds a further $1,084.

And PYMHC continues to hold stock for Orange County Monthly Meeting.


Lanny Jay