2013 RepCom Children’s Program Committee Report


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 Children’s Program Committee Report for Rep Com, 3/2/13

Members of the Children’s Program Committee for 2013 are:  Terrill Keeler, clerk; Rhea Farley, past clerk; Davetta Williams; Denise Williams; and Nate Secrest.    Heather Elrick-Forbes, who has served on the committee for the past two years, has resigned due to professional and family demands.  Her insight, awareness of children’s needs, and grounded presence will be missed.  Nominating committee has been notified of this change.

The committee has met twice by conference call to begin plans for the 2013 Annual Session Children’s Program.  Our priority has been to begin a search for a Children’s Program Coordinator.  We have done this by contacting last year’s teachers and past committee members, and by having notice of the search emailed to meeting representatives and clerks.   Alyssa Nelson helped by posting it on the PYM Facebook page.  We hope to select a coordinator in a timely manner in order to work together on teacher selection and curriculum development.

The committee was asked by the Finance Committee to review the Draft Proposal for Teacher and FAP Scholarships, and Travel Reimbursement and has done so.  Suggestions for changes or additions to this policy will be presented for consideration at Rep Com.

Respectfully submitted,

Terrill Keeler, Children’s Program Committee Clerk