2013 RepCom Earthlight Bookstore Project Report


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Report of the EarthLight Bookstore Project for Year 1 — 2012-2013

EarthLight was created by the Pacific Yearly Meeting Unity with Nature Committee to support spirit-led environmental witness and education. EarthLight is a non-profit corporation managed by a board of directors according to Quaker principles and practice. Its activities include publication and sale of print and recorded materials.

In March of 2012 the EarthLight board decided to expand its sales of books and recordings to serve Friends and storytellers as well as environmentalists. Tom Farley and Sandy Farley rejoined the board and agreed to manage this project. EarthLight secured a new California resale permit, credit card processing system, and simple inventory software. Taxable sales for the first eleven months of operation have been $8,427. For 2012, EarthLight paid $628.00 in sales tax to the state of California. A report on EarthLight’s new enterprise was published recently in Western Friend.

We’ve identified the communities EarthLight wishes to serve with this project as “Greens, Quakes, and Tellers” with a commitment to stock materials for all ages.

Earthlight Publications sales has stocked materials in the following subject areas:

  •  Environment, earthcare, eco-justice
  •  Progressive peace & justice and Quaker testimonies
  •  Quaker in-reach & out-reach, adult religious education
  •  Religious education for children
  •  Resources for teens, young adults, parents, caregivers
  •  Resources for storytellers and listeners

Our inventory comes from the following sources:

  •  Books and recordings on hand at EarthLight
  •  Books and recordings inventory developed by Tom & Sandy Farley as an outreach for the PYM Religious Education for Children Committee
  •  Yearly and Quarterly meeting stocks of Faith and Practice and directories
  •  Items ordered from publishers and distributors
  •  Items on consignment from, authors, performers, organizations, etc.

This year we offered materials for sale at eight events:

  •  College Park Quarterly Meetings [3]
  •  Pacific Yearly Meeting annual sessions [1]
  •  Quaker Quest workshop at Palo Alto Meeting [1]
  •  Bay Area Storytelling Festival [1]
  •  Southbay Storytellers & Listeners: Tellabration [1] & Winter Workshop [1]

EarthLight plans to be at most of these events again this year and is open to adding more small tailored sales for meetings and workshops. EarthLight asks Pacific Yearly Meeting to agree to our continued service as bookstore providers at annual sessions on the same terms as agreed to with the Farleys in 2012.

EarthLight wishes to co-sponsor with the Religious Education for Children Committee an interest group on Meeting Libraries. We’re looking for a few experienced Friends to help lead this interest group.

EarthLight hopes to renew its collaboration with the Unity with Nature Committee, and is also looking for Friends to join us in serving on EarthLight’s board of directors.

Tom Farley, Sandy Farley, Eric Sabelman – 3/1/2013