2013 RepCom Finance Report


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Finance Committee brings forward the following items for consideration:

1.  Request for budget augmentations:

a.  PYM Delegates, Western Friend Board, Expense Account line 5271 was budgeted at $1500.  Western Friend Board Travel Reserve Account line 2748 contains $765.  As of 2/28/2013, $1323 has been spent from the Expense Account.  With the expenditure of the Reserve Account total, an augmentation of $235 to the Expense Account is requested.  The total of Expense Account line 5271 would then be $1558.

Reason: The budgeted Expense Account and the Reserve Account are not sufficient to cover estimated travel expenses.

b.  PYM Delegates, Evangelical Friends Church SW, Expense Account #5283. Originally budgeted $150. Request augmentation of $150 bringing total to $300.

Reason: The budgeted amount was not sufficient to cover travel expenses.

2.  Informational question—

If you could charge the Annual Session expense to a credit card, would you pay a 3% surcharge and use that option?

3.  Finance committee is exploring alternatives to banking with Wells, Fargo.  Bank of the West has branches in Northern and Southern California.  Bank of the West is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas and BNP Paribas is an international corporation with headquarters in Paris and London.  Please email any information you might have, pros and cons, about Bank of the West to the PYM Treasurer, Ed Flowers at flowers2@sonic.net.

4.  Proposed Annual Session Budget and Fee Schedule Attachments. (links to PDF files)


Submitted by Donna Smith, Clerk, PYM Finance Com.