2013 RepCom Nominating Committee Report


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Pacific Yearly Meeting

Report of Nominating Committee for meeting of
Representative Committee

March 2, 2013

The  Nominating Committee is the committee charged with finding friends to serve as officers, members of committees, and as representatives and delegates for the yearly meeting.

At this time I bring forward the names of three individuals to serve in vacant positions.  I am concerned that nominating committee is having difficulty finding friends willing to serve some positions.  We have vacancies for positions that were not filled last year and have still not been filled.  Some positions must be filled if the yearly meeting is to function properly.  In particular, I am  concerned that we have not found individuals willing to serve as Arrangements Clerk and as members of the Finance Committee.

At this time, we bring forward the following names:

Walt Jones, Delta Meeting, to serve on Ministry and Oversight Committee for a term ending 2014.

Byrlie Oxley, Grass Valley, to serve on Junior Yearly Meeting Committee for term ending 2015.

Donna Smith, Redwood Forest, to serve as clerk of Latin American Concerns Committee for term ending this year.

David Barrows
Nominating Committee