2013 RepCom Report – Rep Support SubCommittee

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Representative Support Subcommittee

of PYM Ministry & Oversight Committee
Report to RepCom 2013


Rep Support subcommittee:  Tom Yamaguchi, Don Bean, Sandy Kewman, Carol Mosher as M&O liaison

This support subcommittee was brought into existence 2010 to increase communication from Monthly meetings and all the functions of PYM and back again.

These are your reps:  Tom  Redding, Palo Alto, Reno, SF, Appleseed, Berkeley, Napa-Sonoma

Sandy:  Central Coast, Davis, Guatemala, Honolulu, Humbolt, Sacramento, San Jose,  Santa Cruz, Visalia

Don: Claremont, Inland Valley, La Jolla,  Marloma Long Beach, Orange County, Orange Grove, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica

Carol:  Mexico City, Mendocino, Marin, Delta, Redwood Forest, Chico, Fresno, Live Oak

1.  Reps are urged to read the PYM website

2. Ask observers

3.  Changes each year in reps, Meetings PLEASE inform Patricia Smith, assistant clerk or Sandy Kewman

4. Please share with your meetings the proceedings of REp Com, particular, the whole report from the PYM Youth Coordinator Supervisory Committee (on line at Pac Y M.org)

5.Please familiarize yourself with tuition application so you can advise Friends in your meetings and encourage attendance at Annual Session

6.Please know the dates of Annual Session  July 29 to Aug 3, 2013 at Mt. Madonna in Watsonville

7. Please do not hesitate to call your Rep Support Subcommittee person with any PYM questions or feedback.

Tom Yamaguchi  tomyamaguchi@mac.com

Don Bean ddbean@mac.com

Carol Mosher cabmosher@gmail.com

Sandy Kewman srosekewman@gmail.com

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Kewman