Ad hoc committee recommendations to RepCom 2013


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Ad hoc committee recommendation to RepCom – March 2, 2013

The ad hoc committee to develop an explicit process for the selection and approval of a registration service for Annual Session recommends that PYM contract with an individual or team to assist the PYM registrars with the registration process for the 2013 Annual Session.  To proceed in a timely manner, the ad hoc committee recommends that we contract with the Berkeley Meeting registration team this year.  Since the addition of the online registration option in 2012 has lightened the workload a bit, the ad hoc committee suggests that the payment offered for this service be reduced from $5,000 to $3,000.

Beginning in 2013 the committee proposes that the application process for the contract registration team be announced at Annual Session and advertised among Meetings of PYM.  Applications would need to be submitted to the PYM registrars by October of the same year; the registrars would make a recommendation by early December to the appropriate PYM committee, yet to be determined (this might be ministry & oversight, finance, or nominating committee).

The ad hoc committee will meet again to consider the application, selection, and evaluation processes for the contract registration service.


Participating  ad hoc committee members:  Sarah Tyrrell & Joyce Samati, registrars, Ed Flowers, treasurer, Donna Smith, finance committee clerk, Barbara Babin, ministry & oversight clerk, & Elaine Emily, nominating committee member.