Proposed Registrars Job Description 2013


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This job description is for the Registrars, nominated by Nominating Committee, but also describes the work of the Contract Registration Service.  Prior to 2008, Pacific Yearly Meeting simply had all-volunteer Registrars, but that was found to be unworkable.  Two Registrars with overlapping 2-year terms.

General Comments for Reviewers

This draft is a proposed rewrite, attempting to describe what actually happens.  Some points need clarification, and revisions are expected.  Neither Nominating Cmte nor any other body has united with it as of current writing.  The job description of 2009 is a major source, but that version had only limited reference to a Contracted Service.  Covers Contract Registration Service in some detail because Nominating Committee can’t ask people to be Registrars unless they know what they do and don’t have to do.  Name “Contract Registration Service” is the best I could find.  Perhaps Friends can provide a better name. As to the word “Contract”: Even if there is no written contract, there is a verbal contract, and people need to understand the difference between the Registrars (volunteers found by Nominating) and the Contract Registration Service (found by the Registrars).  – Carl Anderson 2/21/13

Time Expectations:

This position takes significant time.

Tasks for Registrars and Contract Registration Service, With Times:

By mutual consent, assignment of tasks may be modified.  In case a Contract Registration Service is not used, most of the tasks below would remain, and the Registrars would do them.

Comment  on Formatting

Most job descriptions don’t have tables, so the formatting of this particular job description differs somewhat from the others.  However,  most job descriptions don’t have to compare tasks between different sorts of positions.  Format may be modified somewhat, but a table is probably best.  – Carl


Contract Registration Service

prior to Representative Committee (typically late February or early March)  
Attend meeting to develop and set fees for annual session. Meeting should also include Arrangements Clerks, Presiding Clerk, Treasurer , Clerk of Finance Committee, Statistical Clerk, and others as needed.  
Select, hire, and supervise Contract Registration Service, in consultation with the ad hoc committee that sets fees.
Present fee schedule to Representative Committee.  (Question: Is this done by Registrars, or by Finance Cmte?)
between RepCom and yearly meeting  
Assist development of registration materials.  Gather materials from Arrangements Clerks, Assistant to the Clerk, etc., and send to Contract Registration Service. Develop registration materials.  For details, see Appendix.
(Question:  Who notifies Western Friend, etc.?) Distribute registration materials
Set up and maintain website for registration.  Some attenders will use it; others will use paper.
Receive registration materials.  Send confirmations of registration.
Collect payments.  As directed by PYM Treasurer, deposit funds in bank and report.
Consolidate information on days of attendance, housing and meal preferences, etc.  Provide to site and to Finance.
Consolidate information on special needs, workshop & fellowship group interests, etc. & make available to PYM committees etc.
Assist Contract Registration Service in assignment of sleeping quarters Assign sleeping quarters (rooms, campsites if allowed on site, etc.)
Recruit volunteers to assist with check-in Create name tags and meal tickets
at yearly meeting
Check people in at some particular times when the Contract Registration Service isn’t doing that job.   Optionally, may assist CRS during busy periods. Check people in.  Set up table, distribute name tags, meal tickets, etc.  Adjust for any changes since receiving registration form (e.g, dates attending).  Collect money due. For minors, gather permission slips etc. and forward.   Check-in will be open at particular times, to be arranged.  At some times, especially the busy periods, Contract Registration Service will take lead; at other times, volunteer Registrars may do this task.
Prepare list of Yearly Meeting attenders – distribute at end of session
Be ombudspersons.  Receive and respond to problems and concerns. Provide updated info to PYM committees: children’s program, JYM, special needs, etc.
Coordinate with site staff Assist coordination with site staff.  Provide updated meal counts to site staff, Registrars, etc.
after yearly meeting
Participate in evaluation session Collect payments still due (Question: does CRS do this? If not, who?)
Authorize Treasurer to make refunds to persons who have overpaid Report to Registrars on persons who have overpaid
Participate in settling of accounts with site Provide information to Registrars for settling of accounts with site

APPENDIX: Checklist of Items for Registration Materials

Adapt as needed.  For some of these items, it may suffice to refer to other sources.

o            Presiding Clerk’s call to PYM session

o            how to apply for financial assistance to attend PYM session

o            items relevant to children and teens, such as permission slips

o            directions to site (driving, public transportation)

o            site map including parking areas

o            rules and regulations of site

o            campus security

o            schedule of week’s activity

o            list of interest groups, affinity groups, special events

o            what to bring (e.g., towels, flashlights, etc.)

o            meal ticket arrangements

Some persons will attend part time.  Also, there will be day attenders.  Registration systems must accommodate various possibilities.  (Comment: We regulars know this, but if we need to find a new Contract Registration Service, they need to understand.)