PYM 2013 Annual Session Plenary I

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Plenary I began with worship at 6:45PM.

Clerk’s Welcome: Steve Smith welcomed everyone to the 67th Annual Session of PYM and asked for help in the challenging role of Presiding Clerk.  He noted that he has been struck by the energy and joy of people greeting each other here – it is an ongoing work to build and hold together a community in harmony.  Let us each be “reached by the Life” with healing gladness, tenderness and loving kindness.

Steve also explained how the fixed meal schedule at Mt Madonna has affected our schedule.

Mt Madonna Welcome Brajesh Friedberg, the program director for Mount Madonna Center, welcomed Friends to the 355 acre conference and retreat center.  He gave us some general information on the history and purpose of the Center, and encouraged Friends to attend the free yoga classes on site and to inquire into any aspect of the Center during our stay.  Brajesh outlined the Center’s guidelines on quiet times, food, water conservation and fire prevention.   He encouraged Friends to contact the caretakers or himself at any time during the week so that all our needs can be met during our stay.  We were also invited to participate in the center’s commitment to sustainability.

Roll Call – see full list attached PYM2013RollCall (Download PDF file)


  • Diane Randall, MM, YM, Executive Secretary for Friends Committee on National Legislation.
  • Alicia Lucasi La Paz, Boliva.  INELA Yearly Meeting, representing the Bolivian Quaker Education Fund.
  • Megumi Enomoto, pastor of the United Church of Christ in Japan.
  • Kitty Mizuno, Haddonfield Monthly Meeting; Haddonfield Yearly Meeting, New Jersey

Arrangements:  Jim Avera, Arrangements Clerk, made announcements about coffee availability, quiet hours, display space, the tabling fair, Worship-Sharing, Transformative Quakers, Bible Study, swimming, early worship and making copies.

Children’s program:  Children’s Program:  Keenan Lorenzato, Children’s Program Coordinator, addressed the gathering.  He noted that swimming would not be included in the program this year, and encouraged parents to contact him with any questions or concerns about the Children’s Program.

JYM: Stephen Myers, clerk of the adult committee of JYM, announced that Quaker teenagers do exist and gave us proof.  The JYM clerks and co-clerks described the planned Service Project, Business Meetings, Worship Sharing, intergenerational activities and “Chat Boxes”,

Young Adult Friends:  Cedar Green and Nate Secrest, co-clerks of Young Adult Friends, addressed the gathering.  Young Adult Friends will be interacting with all age groups, participating in plenaries, inter-generational activities, as well as Young Adult Friends-specific activities.  Friends were encouraged to join Young Adult Friends during the week.

Epistle Comm:  Carol Mosher of the M&O Committee announced that the members of the Epistle Committee for this session are Nora Cooke (Grass Valley), Carl Magruder (Strawberry Creek), and Judith Favor (Claremont).

Secretariat:  Eric Moon, Secretariat, greeted the annual session.  He noted that the functions of the Secretariat are 1) assisting with making copies; 2) publishing the Daily Miracle; and 3) assembling packets of reports for dissemination to meetings.  Please do not use the Secretariat’s office for checking email or “hanging out.”

Transformative Quakers:  Brian Vura-Weis (Palo Alto) gave details for the schedule for the presentations about historic Quakers starting with Elizabeth Hooten.

Registrar:  Joyce Samati and Sarah Tyrell, registrars, welcomed Friends on behalf of the registration team.  They thanked us for our patience with the registration process and gave some logistical information.

Minutes were approved.

Closing Worship at 8:30.