PYM 2013 Annual Session Plenary II

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Plenary II began with worship at 10:15.

Epistle Reading:  Jennifer Carr (Las Vegas) read from the letter of Young Adult Friends of Philadelphia YM July 2012 Annual Session.  They spoke of the challenge of flexibility while enjoying full inclusion in the adult sessions and “seeking to be truly present with each other”.  The loss of their Youth Program Coordinator has affected them deeply.

From New York YM, affiliated with both FUM and FGC:  They noted the challenges brought to them by guest speakers including the need to speak plainly to each other about practices that used to bring unity and now cause division.


  • Tess Solenberger, Bellingham Friends Meeting, North Pacific Yearly Meeting.

Concern:  Keith Wedmore (Marin) dipped into historic references to remind Friends to be aware of the needs of those with hearing loss and to speak “with a loud voice”.

Ministry & Oversight

Members of the Ministry and Oversight committee shared a slide presentation highlighting how Friends are collectively being reached by the life and letting our lives preach.  Through excerpts from several State of the Meeting reports from PYM Monthly Meetings we saw how Spirit is moving among us, empowering us to love freely and live courageously.  Queries and worship were woven into the presentation affording us the opportunity to deepen our collective spiritual experience.  The full M&O report is appended to this record, and all State of the Meeting reports are available on the Pacific Yearly Meeting web site.   The presentation was concluded by introducing all Ministry and Oversight members.

Youth Program Coordinator Supervisory Committee

Members of the YPC Supervisory Committee introduced themselves and described the committee’s function and mission.  Their report is appended to this record.  As part of the evaluation process over the last year, they have labored with the queries, “As a result of the program, how has the truth been advanced among us? How is our spiritual understanding and inward light shining more brightly?”  The Gathering was reminded that, in response to the evaluation report and presentation at the 2013 RepComm, Representative Committee passed the following Action Minute 2013.01: “Representative Committee recommends to Pacific Yearly Meeting Annual Session that the paid Youth Program Coordinator position be continued.” They will bring forward a proposed minute based upon this recommendation to the Annual Session at a later plenary.

There have been several questions and issues raised through discernment among Friends and on the committee.  One of the issues relates to the remuneration of the position.  The committee has found unity in a decision to go forward with paying the YPC at ¾ time, with an additional ¼ time donated as a ministry (please see Plenary IV for clarification on this issue).

There will be visioning and open committee sessions to address questions, issues and the proposed minute to continue the YPC position as well as the proposed monetary gift from Pacific Friends Outreach Society.

Alyssa Nelson, the Youth Program Coordinator, gave her report, which is appended.

The reading of the minutes was postponed.  


Closing Worship