PYM 2013 Annual Session Plenary III

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Plenary I began with worship at 1:45.

 The minutes from Plenary II were read and approved.

Epistle:  from 6th world conference in Kenya, held in April 2012.  The theme “Being Salt and Light” was discussed with sharing on the biblical reference and today’s applications.  In the diversity present, the testimony of unity was challenged.  However, brokenness is not an obstacle but an opportunity for growth.

Statistical Report:  Lee Knutson (PA, MP, LO) gave the “NASTY” report (Numbers And Statistics To You).  Overall PYM membership decreased by 44 to 1346.  The full report including a 10 year view of membership is attached and online.

Diane Randall, Executive Secretary of FCNL:

Diane was welcomed to our Annual Session as the Executive Secretary for FCNL, a position she has held for the last two and a half years.  Her report is appended to these minutes.

Diane referred to FCNL’s Washington, DC home as a “mission field,” bringing to politics the practice of being patterns and examples, of living into our concerns and our faith as Friends.  Diane noted that missionary work calls us into places that are foreign to us – to stand up, speak up, to encounter resistance and to meet it with love as the first motion.  Washington, swamped in money and power, is not often seen as an impoverished mission field.  FCNL seeks to bring to this seat of power the witness to truth and the reaching into the Life.

Diane shared the missions of FCNL – to seek a world free of war, with equity and justice, where every one’s potential can be fulfilled and where the earth is restored.  She spoke of the actions FCNL is taking on these issues.  Diane challenged us to awaken our missionary zeal, to enter the foreign places of speaking and acting.  Together, we can bring something to Washington that our policy makers need – in Barclay’s words, to feel our own power, to be touched to the heart, and to be reached by the Life.

Nominating Committee: David Barrows (San Diego) gave the report, an effort to help members of PYM develop their gifts and talents. He noted new nominations and remaining openings.  The full approved report will be attached.


Treasurer’s Report

Ed Flowers, Treasurer, gave the report, which is appended.  He noted that we are close to covering the costs of Mount Madonna for this year’s Annual Session due to a late surge in attendance.  Ed welcomes questions at the open session.

Finance Committee:  Donna Smith (Redwood Forest) noted that the proposed budget reflects an increase in assessments due to reduced membership numbers.

Minutes were approved.

Closing Worship at 3:00.