PYM 2013 Annual Session Plenary VI

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Plenary VI opened with worship at 10:15.

 Epistle Reading

We heard the epistle from the 194th annual session of The Religious Society of Friends in Norway, held in May 2012 under the theme of Spiritual Gifts: Building Community.   They were joined by Thomas Swain of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, in the shadow of the bombing and massacre of July 2011.  They sought to make worship holy, to seek that of God in others and in themselves, and to act as spiritual midwives for each other’s gifts.  Their revision of Faith and Practice is underway.

Clerk’s remarks:  Steve Smith expressed his sense that the work yesterday might have been untidy but we move ahead as a community. He also expressed gratitude for the support he has received as Clerk.  We were reminded of the need to be brief in our comments and to stay as close as we can to the planned time allotments.

Minutes from Plenary V:  The minutes were read.  We noted that the full context of the PFOS Board minute will be appended.

The minutes of Plenary V were approved.

American Friends Service Committee

Laura Magnani (Strawberry Creek), representing AFSC, asked for us to hold in a moment of silence the prisoners who are on hunger strike in California, Guantanamo and Palestine.  As far as we know, 600 prisoners are on hunger strike trying to end the use of long term solitary confinement in California prisons.  As a result of the courage of prisoners taking this nonviolent stance, real changes are happening.  Other work of the AFSC can be found on their web site at and Laura’s full report is appended to this record.

Anthony Manusos presented some preliminary information regarding the Minute of Concern that Peace and Social Order will be bringing forward tomorrow on drone warfare.

 Finance:  Donna Smith, clerk of Finance Committee, asked us to look at the proposed revisions to the budget as noted in the Daily Miracle.

 Site Committee

Lanny Jay, clerk, presented the report, which is appended.

The 68th Annual Gathering of Pacific Yearly Meeting will be held in Seventh Month 14-19, 2014, at Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma, California.  We hope to return to Southern California in 2015.

PYM Epistle: Nora Cooke (Grass Valley) read the first draft of the PYM 2013 Epistle, noting where it will be posted and when input can be given.

 Ad Hoc Committee for PFOS fund management:  Finance was asked to work with PFOS and YPCSC to develop a plan to manage the PFOS Endowment.  Their plan includes the general purpose of the funds, to develop an intergenerational community of PYM, and some of the nuts and bolts of handling the funds in the long term.  The endowment is expected to generate approximately $17,000 income a year at this time.  The full context of the proposed plan is appended and was posted at Annual Session.

A Friend suggested that we continue to do research among other YMs regarding how they handle endowments and how they support youth programs.  Another Friend suggested that we also consider expanding our outreach to PYM youth in Mexico, Guatemala and Hawaii.  The committee continues to be open to questions and suggestions regarding how the funds could be used to support the Beloved Community.

Minute PYM AS 2013-07: Having minuted our acceptance of the Pacific Friends Outreach Society Bob Vogel Endowment, Pacific Yearly Meeting authorizes PYM officers and clerks make legal arrangements and execute necessary documents to receive and manage the gift of the Bob Vogel Endowment.

Consistent with the terms of the gift, requests to spend funds will be managed and approved by PYM’s Youth Program Coordinator Supervisory Committee (YPCSC), or another appropriate committee to be determined by PYM in the event that the YPCSC is laid down.  PYM’s Finance Committee and Treasurer will manage the financial aspects of this gift such as investments and accounting.

One Friend stands aside from this decision.

Nominating Committee

David Barrows, clerk, presented the following changes to the slate of nominees for 2013-2014.  The full slate is appended to these minutes.

  • Assistant to the Treasurer:  Donna Smith’s name is withdrawn.
  • Children’s Program Committee:  2016 Heather Levien, Berkeley Meeting (2013) was added to the slate.
  • Junior Yearly Meeting Committee:  Steve Leeds and Sue Torrey are nominated as co-clerks.

As requested, the committee brought forward the following minute for discernment:

“The Youth Program Coordinator Supervisory Committee (YPCSC) shall consist of six members with overlapping three-year terms, nominated by  Nominating Committee, and approved by Yearly Meeting. Each year, one person shall be nominated to serve as clerk of the committee. In addition, the Nominating Committee, in consultation with the YPCSC, shall nominate four youth members for renewable one-year terms to be approved by Yearly Meeting. The YPCSC shall choose one person from among its members to serve as the Direct Supervisor of the Youth Program Coordinator (YPC).”

The minute is left for seasoning until a following Plenary.

Minutes were approved.

Closing Worship at 11:50.