PYM 2013 Annual Session Plenary VIII

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Plenary VIII opened with worship at 10:25am.

 Epistle Reading

We heard the epistle from Iowa Yearly Meeting Conservative, whose 135th Annual Session was held at Scattergood Friends School and Farm.  The gathering mourned the deaths of beloved elders and celebrated their gifts.  They renewed their call to faithful living and living lives as patterns and examples, remembering Paul’s description of the church as the body of the Christ, guided by their newly revised Faith and Practice.  The gathering concluded with a new commitment to live more fully into God’s love.

Presiding clerk, Steve Smith, reminded us of the short time left to finish our business.  Most of our work to this point has been focused on the internal work of PYM although we recognize that many of us are involved in work in the wider world and that we all uphold that work.  Let us speak only if it is really necessary so we can accomplish the business left to do.

Peace and Social Order

Jeff Kroeber, clerk, and Anthony Manusos (Orange Grove) brought forward a minute regarding drone warfare, appended.

Friends support opposition to drone warfare.  We were reminded that statements without action have little meaning; nevertheless, speech is also a form of action.  There was also discomfort in our midst regarding the wording and clarity of intent of this minute.

Many resources are available to support Friends taking individual actions, and we are encouraged to take advantage of these and to take the issue back to our communities and meetings.

There is a deeper question regarding how our Yearly Meeting addresses minutes of concern.   Ministry & Oversight, Discipline Committee and gathered Friends are asked to consider this matter in worship.

This matter will be taken up in the morning at a threshing session.

Finance committee:  Donna Smith, clerk, brought the proposed budget for the General Account.  She reminded Friends of the opportunities they have had to discuss and make changes.

The per-member share of expenses (sometimes called either Assessments or the Quota) for 2013-14 will be as follows:  CA and NV $92, Hawaii and Guatemala $38, and Mexico City $15.

Minute PYM AS 2013-08: Pacific Yearly Meeting approved the General Account Budget as proposed.

Discipline Committee

Carolyn Stephenson, clerk, brought back, after discernment, two minutes regarding our revision of Faith and Practice (see Plenary IV).

While there was strong support, concerns were expressed with the timing and necessity of the revision, and the resources needed for the process. A suggestion was made to limit the revision to the Advises and Queries only.

A Friend noted that this is not a task given to a committee, but rather a process of our entire body engaging in deep exploration of our faith and practice.   As a Society of Friends this labor will challenge us to feed the movement of Spirit among us. Electronic media can assist us with reflecting our continuing revelation without the restriction of bound materials.

There was continuing discomfort with moving forward.  We may do a disservice to Faith and Practice and to our process by doing it piecemeal.

It was requested that the Discipline Committee, as it moves forward, keep these comments in mind and report to us on their discernment as the progress.

Registrar’s report:   Joyce Samati and Sara Tyrrell, Registrars, reported for the ad hoc committee charged with designing a process for choosing a contract registration service.  They presented a draft minute regarding process and another regarding a budget for this service.  These will be brought back at tomorrow’s plenary.

Nominating Committee

David Barrows, clerk, called for approval of the minute read in Plenary VI.  It is suggested that the committee take up a name that more accurately reflects their work.  The committee accepted that charge.

Minute PYM AS 2013-09: The Youth Program Coordinator Supervisory Committee (YPCSC) shall consist of six members with overlapping three-year terms, nominated by Nominating Committee, and approved by Yearly Meeting. Each year, one person shall be nominated to serve as clerk of the committee. In addition, the Nominating Committee, in consultation with the YPCSC, shall nominate four youth members for renewable one-year terms to be approved by Yearly Meeting. The YPCSC shall choose one person from among its members to serve as the Direct Supervisor of the Youth Program Coordinator (YPC).

David Barrows also called for approval of the slate as previously presented.

Minute PYM AS 2013-10:  Pacific Yearly Meeting approves the 2013-2014 slate of Nominees.

David brought forward names for vacant positions, as well as the nominations for the Youth Program Coordinator Supervisory Committee.

Holding Corporation 2016 Amy Cooke

Latin American Concerns Committee:  2016 Laura Kohl

Peace and Social Order Committee 2015:  Emily Leo

Secretariat Committee:           2014 remove Keith Runyan

2014 Dawn Moore

2016 Raph Levein

Youth Program Coordinator Supervisory Committee

2014 Sandra Schwartz

2014 Jennifer Carr

2015  Rhea Farley

2015 Mary Klein

2016 Steve Leeds

2016 Jim Summers


2014 Nathan Walker

2014 Sophie Brinker


Minutes were held over for the next plenary

This Plenary closed at 12:35.