PYM AS 2015 – Closing Plenary

July 18, 2015

We opened with silent worship at 10:07 a.m.

The Clerk welcomed all to the final plenary of the 69th Annual Session of Pacific Yearly Meeting.

Reading Clerk Diego Navarro read excerpts from three yearly meetings’ epistles: New York Yearly Meeting, Lake Erie Yearly Meeting, and Yearly Meeting of Aotearoa/New Zealand (Te Hāhi Tūhauwiri or “”The faith community that stands shaking in the wind of the Spirit.”)

Sarah Tyrrell (Berkeley) gave the report of the Naming Committee: they named David McKenzie (Orange Grove), Delcey Steffy (Sacramento), and Juanita Mora-Malerva (Santa Cruz) as members all to serve three year terms (2018) and Stephen Matchett (San Francisco) and Nora Cooke (Grass Valley) as co-clerks to serve one year terms of Nominating Committee. There is an opening for a one year term yet to be named.

Stephen Matchett (San Francisco) co-clerk of Nominating Committee called attention to the published report. The put forward for consideration of Representative Committee the name of Doug Smith (Reno) for service with the Western Friend Board.

AS Minutes 2015-07 The Pacific Yearly Meeting approved the Nominating Committee report as published.

Anthony Manousos (Orange Grove) clerk of the Peace & Social Order Committee called attention to their report posted online and thanked all for their various roles in carrying out our corporate witness.

AS Minute 2015-08 The Pacific Yearly Meeting acknowledges the receiving of various reports from Yearly Meeting Committees and Representatives which will be attached to the minutes.

We settled into worship upon the news of the death of Lloyd Lee Wilson’s mother yesterday, holding her and the family in the Light.

Hearing our Epistles.

Young Adult Friends Epistle: The epistle was read by J.T. Dorr-Bremme (Orange Grove), currently residing in Mexico City, and is attached. (See Attachment 1).

Junior Yearly Meeting Epistle: Yasmeen Mercer of Berkeley, CA , accompanied by members of Junior Yearly Meeting, read the epistle which is attached (See Attachment 2).

Elementary Epistle: The 12 foot long epistle was read by Reliable Robin Keeler (Live Oak) accompanied by program participants. A facsimile is attached to the minutes (Attachment 3).

Preschool Epistle: This epistle was read by Rebekah Percy (La Jolla). (See Attachment 4)

Middle School Children’s Program Epistle: The program participants led by Santiago Myers (San Francisco) and Sierra Velasquez (Santa Monica) read the Epistle in turn, which provided a picture of their week of learning and other delights. (See Attachment 5)

PYM Epistle: Epistle Committee (Jim Anderson (Chico), clerk, Kate Connell (Santa Barbara), and Margaret Mossman (Berkeley). The Epistle Committee Clerk read the Pacific Yearly Meeting 69th Annual Session Epistle, describing concerns and also the strengths that drew us together. (See Attachment 6)

AS Minute 2015-09 Pacific Yearly Meeting accepts all epistles with gratitude.

Clerk’s Closing Remarks: The clerk feels gratitude for the gifts brought to support him over his three years of service. He found the service of clerking as challenging but spiritually enhancing.

Officers of the Junior Yearly Meeting and Young Adult Friends will be attached to the minutes (Attachment 7).

Minutes were approved with corrections. Meeting closed with a promise of 45 minutes of silent worship, beginning at 11:45 am.