Walker Creek

Members of the Sites committee have visited several sites, and searched many more online in both Northern and Southern California. Walker Creek is still the least expensive and one of the few where we would be the only group present during the session.  The committee has made a decision that Walker Creek Ranch will continue to be the site for Annual Session for the foreseeable future.  The Site Committee makes the recommendation that long-distance travelers get a discount on registration and that those in the South consider reserving buses for travel up North.

The current Registrar noted that accessibility concerns have surfaced at Walker Creek; these will need to be addressed.  Another Friend noted that registrations numbers tend to decline over time at a familiar site.  Therefore Friends need to be more proactive in encouraging Meeting members to attend.  The Presiding Clerk reported that our preferred time for Annual Session of late July/early August is not available at WCR, since other groups at WCR have held those dates for longer periods.