Statistical Clerks’ Report to RepCom 2015

Response to Request for Information
Re: Adding “Children of Members” to Statistical Report

Following the presentation of the Statistical Report at the 2014 Pacific Yearly Meeting (PYM) Annual Session, a Friend noted that the graphic showing a 10-year year-over-year decline in membership does not give a good sense of membership trends in the future.

The Friend suggested that the Statistical Clerks also track the number of children of members in the Monthly Meetings to present a better picture of potential growth. A few people concurred, and the Statistical Clerks agreed to consider the idea.

After consideration, we agree that, while knowing the number of members’ children who attend Meeting or First Day School might be interesting, the numbers would not necessarily suggest a growth pattern (e.g., we know that not all children of members later become members of PYM).

Gathering sufficient data to show a trend would require tracking each child in each Meeting until he or she becomes a member, or leaves the Meeting. This tracking is best left to individual Meetings.

If over time the individual Meetings notice there are more children becoming members than there are members who transfer to other yearly meetings or die, the request could be re-introduced and directed to the Nomination and Finance Committees, who are responsible for the Statistical Clerks’ job description.*

*The current job description is on the PYM website, and appended below.

  • The Statistical Clerk maintains the official list of members of the Pacific Yearly Meeting.
  • The Statistical Clerk assembles annual statistics of deaths, new memberships, transfers or withdrawals of membership and changes of address from constituent Monthly Meetings.
  • The term of office is three years.
  • Statistical Clerk is an ex officio member of the Finance committee.