2015 Adult Allies to Youth / FRAP Workshops Coming Up Soon — Register Now for April 18th (Orange Grove) or May 2nd (Friends House)!

Download flier and get more information: 


Dear Friends,

Please post the attached flyer, announce to your Meetings, and encourage one another to register for one of our Spring 2015 “Becoming Adult Allies to Youth” workshops. Does someone come to mind whom you could personally invite?

More info at pacificyearlymeeting.org/youth/adults/
Offered by your PYM Youth Programs Coordinator & Committee
in collaboration with the JYM Adult Committee,
SCQM Ministry & Counsel,
and the SCQM & CPQM Teen Program Committees

Easy to register: just email Alyssa Nelson ASAP (at least 5 days before the workshop) at pym [dot] youthcoordinator [at] gmail [dot] com.

Two options this year:

1) Saturday, April 18th, Orange Grove Meetinghouse in Pasadena, CA, 10am-5pm. Co-facilitated by Alyssa Nelson and Jim Summers. Register by 4/13.

2) Saturday, May 2nd, Friends House in Santa Rosa, CA, 10am-5pm. Facilitated by Alyssa Nelson and Steve Leeds. Register by 4/27.


Suggested Blurb for your Meeting’s Newsletter: 

“We hope at least one or two from our Meeting will attend the “Becoming Adult Allies to Youth” workshop on either 4/18/15 at Orange Grove or 5/2/15 at Friends House. Details and flier online at www.pacificyearlymeeting.org/youth/adults/ . Free of charge. Register at least 5 days in advance by contacting Alyssa Nelson, PYM Youth Programs Coordinator, pym.youthcoordinator@gmail.com, 530-563-6369.”


Preview of the workshop:

  • How can adults support and build relationships with youth in a Friendly way?
  • How can adults support each other to be allies to young people?
  • How can we attract and keep young people involved in our Meetings?
  • What does it take to be a “FRAP” (Friendly Responsible Adult Presence) at a Quaker teen gathering?

This workshop will include resources on outreach and being an ally to youth; specific discussion about serving as a “FRAP”; worship-sharing about experiences, hopes, fears, and wonderings; games (because everyone needs to PLAY!); and activities to explore scenarios and develop skills.

Free of charge. Please bring a sack lunch and potluck snack item. And arrive around 9:30 so we can start promptly at 10am.

Come have fun bringing out your inner child in a Quaker way. Learn how to volunteer to be a FRAP at a Quaker teen event and other ways to support PYM youth. Bring it home to relationships with the children and grandchildren in your life!

This workshop usually occurs only once a year each in Southern and Northern California. Additional and future workshops may be scheduled at Meetings upon request. All Friends are welcome, including teens and young adults.

Hope to see you or the person you invited soon!