Daily Miracle – Saturday


Saturday’s Schedule

6:00–7:00 Outdoor Worship
7:00–8:00 Breakfast
8:00–8:45 Worship
9:00–10:30 Bible Study or Worship Sharing
10:45–12:15 Meeting for Business I Plenary
12:45–1:30 Lunch
1:30–3:00 Early Quaker Writings or Worship Sharing
3:15–4:45 Keynote Address Plenary
4:45–5:30 Committee Fair
5:30–6:30 Dinner
6:30–9:00 Children’s Program Campfire
6:45–8:15 Interest Groups I
8:30–10:00 Affinity Groups

Interest Groups 6:45–8:15

Good God! Exploring Experiences and Concepts of Divinity with Friends. Carl Magruder and Robin DuRant – Plenary Tent
“This I knew experimentally,” says George Fox. This interest group will use experiential modalities to explore our experience and conceptualization of that Mystery which undergirds existence. In a spirit of play and Friendly inclusion, the Discipline Committee invites all ages to come and describe our spiritual diversity in the midst of unity. – Discipline Committee

The 2016 FWCC World Plenary in Peru and its minute on sustainability. Anthony Manousos, Jan Turner, Hulda Muaka and Janet Leslie. – Maple
FWCC reps as well as members of Peace and Social Order and Friends in Unity with Nature will lead a discussion about the minute on sustainability which was unanimously approved during the FWCC World Plenary in Peru. This minute calls for specific actions by individuals and meetings. How can Pacific Yearly Meeting Friends best respond to this call? – Peace & Social Order Quaker EarthCare Witness, FWCC

How are Friends Meetings Serving and Helping Communities? David Brietzmann and Linnea Hanson – Fireside
David Brietzmann, San Francisco Meeting, and Linnea Hanson, Chico Meeting, are surveying Friends Meetings of Pacific Yearly Meeting to find out how meetings are serving and helping their communities. Their interest group will highlight some of the different ways that meetings are providing service and will focus on how people from different monthly meetings can work together.  – Peace & Social Order

Quaker Projects in El Salvador, 1990–2016. Donna Smith & Ann Boone Robert Broz  – Middle Sequoia
Discover how a Salvadoran-American Friend’s vision and courage launched a program to help the rural poor of El Salvador rise from poverty. During El Salvador’s brutal civil war (1980-92), retired Quaker teacher Carmen Broz returned to her native El Salvador with a leading to help campesino families – the poorest people who worked the land – rise from poverty and shape their country’s future. Her initial focus on child care centers, basic health care, and elementary education evolved to an emphasis on university education for campesino youth. Carmen Broz died in September 2015 at 91. Meet the current director of the El Salvador Projects, Carmen’s son Robert Broz, and learn how this spirit-led program with a modest budget has supported young rural people in their successful quest to become teachers and professionals in health care and other fields. – Latin American Concerns Committee

Affinity Groups 8:30–10:00

Friends of Color –  Maple – Alvaro Alvarado

Allies of Friends of Color – Life Lab – Sandy Kewman

12-step – Garden Room

Dependence on Fossil Fuel – Museum (Saturday)

Peace, Justice, and Sustainability – Maple – Anthony Manousos (Saturday)


Information Desk

Are you confused? Lost? Unsure? Questions about what’s happening at Annual Session?

Let us help!

Stop by the Information Desk outside the Dining Hall daily, from breakfast to 9:00pm.


The Wi-fi network is “WC Air” and the password is “educate1”. Coverage is best near the cafe, but pretty good elsewhere.

Secretariat and the Daily Miracle

To get items into the Miracle, hand them in at the box in Plenary tent, or in the Secretariat office in Jack Rabbit. Even easier, mail them to pymsecretariat@gmail.com. Items are due by 8:00pm.

Slack and Instagram and Twitter, oh my!

We have a Slack channel! If that means something to you, please join the pacificym channel. If it doesn’t, come by the Secretariat office and we’ll be happy to help you set it up. We’ll be posting announcements and updates throughout the session. Also follow us on Twitter at @PYMQuakers and on Instagram @pacificyearlymeeting. Post photos and use the hashtag #pacificyearlymeeting.


Earthlight Bookstore

The Earthlight Bookstore in the Carson Room (next to children’s program) will open after lunch Saturday. Then we will be open after morning plenary until 10 pm, excluding plenary sessions. We have to pack up Tuesday afternoon-so shop early (and often).

Volunteer cashiers are needed to overlap meal times so we can be open through lunch and dinner.

Your Earthlight Bookstore – Tom and Sandy Farley, Eric Sabelman, and Muriel Strand, Board Members

Respectful Relationships

If you missed the Respectful Relationships activity during the plenary this morning, ask a Friend about it! And grab a handout, or check out the posters, with our Community Expectations. Thanks for helping make this a Friendly and safe environment for all.

Want to know more about the Coast Miwok? There’s an interactive historical timeline posted in the bookstore. You can also learn how to be an ally to today’s indigenous peoples – Barbara Babin, Redwood Forest Meeting

Peace committee clerks, peace activists, and anyone else interested in or involved with peace or justice or sustainability are invited to Maple at the affinity group time (8:30pm) today. – Anthony Manousos

Committee Fair

The Committee Fair will be held today from 4:45 to 5:30pm outside the Dining Hall.

This is an opportunity to talk with the PYM committees, to have your questions answered, and to discuss relevant issues.

Worship Sharing

Please be aware that worship sharing groups will be meeting from 9:00–10:30 a.m. and 1:30–3:00 p.m. in and outside of dorms and other building at Walker Creek. If you could be sensitive to noise and help support the silence around those areas, it should be greatly appreciated. If you haven’t signed up for worship sharing and would like to do so, or would like to participate in a drop-in session, please go to the Information Desk on the Dining Patio. Worship sharing is an opportunity to connect, meet new people and have a daily “home” with Annual Session. All are welcome!

Unity with Nature

Unity with Nature Committee is sponsoring an affinity group for Meetings and individuals to share what they are doing to reduce dependence on fossil fuels as per our last annual session’s minute, “We hold a deep concern for over-reliance and investment in fossil fuels.  We ask monthly meetings and individuals to engage in discernment on how to reduce their dependence and investment in fossil fuels. Meetings and individuals are asked to share their efforts with the greater community.” (Minute 2015-5).

Sharings may also include actions and experience about reducing carbon footprints, divestment strategies, and earthcare in general.  If there is interest, the Reducing Dependence on Fossil Fuels Affinity Group could continue on another evening. – facilitated by Catya de Neergaard and Shelley Tanenbaum

Friends Committee on National Legislation

What does the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) do?

  • Educates members of Congress year-round,
  • Works with or builds coalitions of like-minded groups,
  • Researches facts behind legislative proposals,
  • Develops materials on issues identified by the 5 ‘We Seeks’ and annual priorities
  • Publishes newsletters, position pieces, online blogs, articles in non-Quaker magazines and newspapers,
  • Maintains web and Facebook sites,
  • Organizes trainings and lobby visits in Washington,
  • Supports advocacy in local communities.

Learn more, ask questions, and welcome our visitor from FCNL, Jim Cason, Assoc. Exec. Sec. for Strategic Advocacy and Legislative Director for Foreign Policy, at lunch today and, and Sunday. Join us at the table with the “FCNL” sign!



Sky Road Webb, who spoke and sang blessings and welcome at opening Plenary

Meeting for Memorials 2016

Please review the following list of names to be remembered tomorrow at Meeting for Memorials and see or email Shayne Lightner (thislightneris@gmail.com) today by 6:00 p.m. if you have any additions or corrections.

Pat Brown Orange County
Carmen Broz (Moran) Palo Alto
Ruth Dafoe Fresno
Anne Davenport Claremont
Harold Field Honolulu
Frederic Foreste Strawberry Creek
Lea Gertrude Fredericks Frey San Jose
Tynan Graham Central Coast
Dorothy Hansen Apple Seed
Onnie Harrison Orange County
Helen Horton Redwood Forest
John Janda Orange County
Bob Jolly Berkeley
Joseph Leonard Davis
Ralph Lewis Berkeley
Jo Lillis Chico
Jim Mangis Santa Barbara
Jeannie Moburg Santa Barbara
Hanneliesel Reeves Mendocino
Peg Rein Grass Valley
James Sakauye Sacramento
Debbie Schwartz Sacramento
John Shefelbine Sacramento
Thomas Carleton Snell Santa Cruz
Jane Stallings Davis
Otto Steinhardt Redwood Forest
Karen Thomas La Jolla
Maria Elena Vidaña La Jolla