Daily Miracle – Tuesday, June 21


Tuesday’s Schedule

6:00–7:00 Outdoor Worship (Amphitheater)

7:00–8:00 Breakfast

8:00–8:45 Worship

9:00–10:30 Bible Study (Fireside) or Worship Sharing

10:45–12:15 Plenary for Discernment

12:45–1:30 Lunch

1:30–3:00 Early Quaker Writings (Fireside) or Worship Sharing

3:15–4:45 Meeting for Business III Plenary

4:45–5:30 PYM Delegates Reports

5:30–6:30 Dinner

6:45–8:15 Family Night

8:30–10:00 Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups 8:30–10:00

12-step – Sequoia Garden Room

Allies of Friends of Color – Life Lab – Sandy Kewman

Friends of Color – Maple – Alvaro Alvarado

Iroquois Rising – Condor

Singing – Boogie Barn – Jan Turner

Other Tuesday Happenings

How are Friends Meetings Serving & Helping Communities – The Work Continues

There was a lot of fruitful sharing at the interest group on Friends Meetings serving and helping communities, which met on Saturday evening.

We are interested in meeting over dinner at the table near the ranch store to discuss the next steps.

This is your opportunity to help steward the effort of those friends working on similar social justice concerns.

Did you know that there is a monthly meeting in our yearly that is in solidarity with over 15 homeless people who live in their meeting house?

We will see you at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

In thanks – David B (San Francisco) and Linnea H (Chico)

Iroquois Rising

Shayne Lightner’s documentary, Iroquois Rising, will be shown tonight in Condor Room at 8:30. The Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team uses the sport they created to play as a sovereign nation in the 2006 World Lacrosse Championships. – Anthony Manousos


A call to elders: If you have eldered during annual session, please come for an elder check-in at 8:15 Tuesday night. Let’s gather at the rear of the plenary tent. – S. Bell

Last Chance for Guatemalan Handicrafts

The Guatemala Handicraft Store will be closing today at 6:00 pm. We have t-shirts and aprons for $10 and much, much more. Your purchases directly benefit rural Mayan university students. Please help support our 74 students while you Lighten our load.

Mil Gracias, Guatemala Friends Scholarship Program

Earthlight Bookstore Schedule

The store will close at 3:00 pm Tuesday, so we can pack up.

Wednesday morning we hope to load the van and pick-up before breakfast.

We offer you 30 to 50 minutes of aerobic exercise between 6 and 7 am. carrying bins of books.

White privilege

Let’s talk about the White Privilege Conference. For curious Friends and past attenders. Join Traci Hjelt Sullivan and Deborah Marks on the patio for Tuesday dinner.


Quiet Room

Quail is the Quiet Room. It is only for silent reading, meditation, or contemplation. There are State of the Meeting reports, Memorial Minutes, and other reading materials. Do not use it for other activities even if you find it empty.

Worship Sharing Groups

Someone from each group should bring the packets and evaluations to the Info Desk after your sessions – Ministry and Oversight

Attenders List

A draft list of attenders to the PYM Annual Session 2016 is posted on the exterior of the Dining Hall. Please confirm that your information is correct, before 8pm. Copies of this list will be available Wednesday morning. – Registrars


Microphone Habits

Please be mindful of good order and loving consideration for older and hearing-impaired Friends.

Some are using headphones which capture the sound system, but not unamplified voices, no matter how strong or loud.  Please wait for the microphone to be brought to you, rather than using your “outdoor voice”.

When using the microphone, please

  1.  Speak slowly and clearly, as if dictating.
  2.  Speak loudly. Do not drop your voice at the end of the sentence.
  3.  Do not look down at your notes because your voice follows your eyes. Hold your notes up.

Travel Reimbursements

PYM officers, current committee clerks, and official representatives of your monthly meeting to PYM: Has thee entered thy name, and other required information, on a Travel Reimbursement Request form? If not, please get thyself to the Information Tent at thy earliest convenience!

Cart Drivers Needed for Wednesday

If you can help on Wednesday morning, please see Rick or Laura and let us know when you are available – Arrangements

PYM Annual Session 2017

Walker Creek Ranch, Friday, July 14 to Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Beyond the Gathering



Western Young Friends’ New Year’s Gathering

The young friends of Pacific Yearly Meeting and North Pacific Yearly Meeting gather each year from December 28 to January 2 for five days of fellowship, worship, song, unity with nature and breaking of bread together. This year we invite you to join us at Camp Myrtlewood in southwestern Oregon. The gathering practices radical inclusivity: all are welcome, and childcare can be arranged.

See Erik Ostrom (registrar) or EJ Harkness (coordinator) for more information, or visit www.newyearsgathering.org.

Earthlight Plans

We can bring resources to your meeting or retreat. Imagine a Friday or Saturday book enhanced event at your meeting with book sales after meeting Sunday. We can do that! We can bring 6 to 12 plastic bins of books assorted to your specifications. We have Quaker books, resources on our testimonies, as well as materials for first day school. We’ll donate 5% of our sales to your group.

Our Board needs one or two more members. We could also use an apprentice bookseller or two since Tom and Sandy will be out of country next July. Contact any board member.

Sandy Farley, Board Clerk
Eric Sabelman, Board Recording Clerk
Muriel Strand, Treasurer
Tom Farley, Bookseller, Board member


Traveling Minister for FWCC

Do you have a calling to be a Traveling Minister for FWCC? FWCC is advertising for people who are interested in being trained as Traveling Minister for a two year commitment.

There are five positions open. The deadline to submit your application is September 30th.

For more information go to www.FWCCamericas.org or contact Hulda Muaka at huldamuaka@hotmail.com

Addendum to Clarification regarding FUN (Friends in Unity with Nature)

A Friend pointed out that there was no address to send news from Meetings and individuals about their concrete actions towards sustainability and decreasing dependence on use and investment of on fossil fuels.  Please send to Catya at cadeneergaard@gmail.com We’ll publish the news on the PYM website. Gracias por la vida.


Join the Woolman Community

…to help create a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

The Sierra Friends Center’s mission is to steward diverse learning communities and educational programs that weave together spirituality, peace, sustainability, and social action.

We invite you to visit our campus in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The central campus, including the Meetinghouse, Dining Hall, Stone house, and 10 A-frames and 8 cabins, is surrounded by 230 acres of meadows, woods, streams, and ponds.

We also invite you to attend a Woolman Semester graduation (December 16-17, 2016), connect online at www.woolman.org, volunteer at a family work camp, rent our facilities, contribute financially, or consider serving on the board.

The Woolman semester brings together passionate high school juniors, seniors and gap-year postgraduates from around the country and sometimes beyond.

Camp Woolman and Teen Leadership Camp provide fun, friendship and adventure; play, swim, hike, and laugh together in a caring community.

For more information, see Joyce Samati, Sandy Kewman, Carl Sigmond, or Sarah Tyrell.

Personal Announcements

Eldering Requested

I gave a message in Monday night’s listening session when we gathered back together. I fear excessive emotion may have tainted the Spirit in the message.  Please feel free to approach me with any eldering or other comment. – Chamba Cooke

A Remembrance of Otto Steinhardt

I met Otto Steinhardt in or about 1966, after my family moved to San Francisco and started attending Friends Meeting there. Otto, whose children were young adults by then, often taught in First Day School.  I remember being in 5th or 6th grade and he tried to teach us the concept of mysticism.  I was mystified (!), but I understood it was important and I remember this nearly 50 years later.

Otto was a structural engineer by occupation.  He and his wife, Mary, were both dapper dressers and loved to dance. They both danced and danced at the reception following the meeting on the occasion of my marriage to Dan, 26 years ago. They really helped make it a wonderful celebration.

I’m grateful for his presence in my life. – Kim Lacey, Central Coast Friend

Do you see my gift?

Tell me. Orally or on message board. Let us affirm each other.