YPCC Report to Representative Committee 2016


Web Version (Summary Only):

Youth Programs Coordinator & Coordinating Committee
Pacific Yearly Meeting – Representative Committee 2016
5 March 2016


This report focuses mainly on new items and updates from the Youth Programs Coordinator (YPC) and Coordinating Committee (YPCC). Friends are encouraged to review the Youth section on the PYM website and our past reports for further details on our ongoing work and for background on of the YPC and YPCC’s functions. See expanded details [in full PDF download] and list of weblinks included below.

Action Item for RepCom:

  • Proposed Travel Minute for Alyssa’s upcoming visit to Australia Yearly Meeting: for the Presiding Clerk to present for consideration at Representative Committee (see attached)

Requests and Announcements:

  • Our online calendar has supplanted epistles as the main communication tool for events and activities: pacificyearlymeeting.org/youth/calendar/ . YPC Epistles may still be sent out periodically. Our Facebook page is also active – follow us!
  • Please reply to Jim Summers and Alyssa Nelson in response to three queries about our collective hopes for Alyssa’s visit to Australia Yearly Meeting. (See subsection [in full PDF download].) We will also be asking Friends for input at Annual Session.
  • Next application deadline for the Youth Programs Fund is March 20th. We encourage Friends to contact us to discuss ideas even before submitting the application: we can help you develop your project plan and application. pacificyearlymeeting.org/youth/resources-funding/
  • Meetings wishing to host a “Becoming Adult Allies to Youth” workshop should contact Alyssa

[Please see link above to download the full report with expanded details and attachments.]


Jim Summers, Clerk, Youth Programs Coordinating Committee
& Alyssa Nelson, Youth Programs Coordinator



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