Calendar for 2016-2017 is Now Available: Youth/Intergenerational Events

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Dear PYM Friends,

Our 2016-2017 Quaker programs year is launching with 3 great events this month, starting this weekend!

See below for details, including an invitation for teens and FRAPs to participate in Palo Alto Friends Meeting’s FCLCA Harvest Festival service weekend on September 23rd and 24th — RSVP ASAP.

The full Youth/Intergenerational calendar is on the PYM website as both a chronological list and as a Google Calendar that you can subscribe to. I will update them throughout the year; please feel free to send me information about relevant events to post.

See the calendar here:

Please share with your Meetings!


Take note of these rapidly approaching events:

September 10, 7-9pm: “Stories from Camp” Informational Session and Fundraiser for Quaker Oaks Farm Spring Youth Service Camp (Quaker Oaks Farm, Visalia, CA). Come support and learn about Quaker Oaks Farm and the Wukchumni Tribe’s Spring Youth Camp. Free and open to the public.

  • September 10-11: Weekend Work Camp at Woolman (Sierra Friends Center, Nevada City, CA): “This will be a roll-up-your-sleeves event to help us get campus ready for the groups that will be renting our facilities in September and October. … Please email Carl Sigmond in the Woolman office by September 6 to RSVP:”
  • September 24 (and teen overnight and service on the 23-24th): Annual FCLCA Harvest Festival Fundraiser & Teen Service Weekend (Palo Alto Friends Meeting, CA) For teen event questions or RSVP to Linda Kamas, linda [at] kamas [dot] com .
    See below for expanded details from Linda:

From: Linda Kamas <linda [at] kamas [dot] com>
Date: Sat, Sep 3, 2016 at 12:42 PM
Subject: Re: Looking for FRAPs for 9/24 PAFM Harvest Festival

We are excited about having teens, young adults, and all join in for the Teen Retreat at PAFM and in conjunction with a “barn raising” event of the  50th annual Quaker Harvest Festival.

The arrival times on Friday 9/23 are very flexible, so if they get in late, that is ok. Probably our teens will get in ~5-7pm.

Friday night: setup tables, etc. for HF.  Eat dinner at old meeting house, have “ice breakers”, set ground rules for the night/weekend, have snacks.

Saturday: breakfast at old meeting house, then get set for HF volunteer activities.  There is also a homework room for teens to take breaks during the day.

Saturday night: clean up, out for Pizza Chicago, more hanging out, snacking.

Sunday morning: special breakfast, go to meeting for worship, go home.

We have a minimum of 3 teens from PAFM attending … and are looking forward to more from other meetings.

We are also very much looking for Friendly Adult Presences (FRAPs) for each night, ideally 3x adults per night.  Worst case, some parents can step in, but it has worked best to have some other adults on board. So if you or someone you know are available to stay 1 or 2 nights as FRAPs, please let me know. We will cover costs for FRAPs.

We are asking the teens to bring ~$30 to cover the food/snacks for the weekend, which we will shop for.  This will include their share of dinner at the Pizza Chicago night.  Teens will also need to bring money buy their lunch (hopefully at Harvest Festival) on Saturday 9/24, or bring their own lunch.

We would ideally like to know who is coming to help by Tuesday, Sept. 6, as it sounds like there may be some sort of T-shirt ordering for people helping out Saturday.  I think that’s a soft deadline for the retreat, but we would need to know enough in advance to get permission slips, etc. in order.

This is all being coordinated by Linda and Alan Kamas.   We are the parents of Desmond (PAFM teen) and the teen coordinators this year….