Spring Youth Service-Learning Camp with Wukchumni Tribe, Quaker Oaks Farm, April 10-14, 2017

April 10-14, 2017 (Monday-Friday leading up to Easter weekend)
Quaker Oaks Farm
Visalia, CA, USA

Potential donors: please see our Camp Fundraising Letter.

See the Quaker Oaks Farm website for information and online registration.

We enthusiastically invite middle school and high school aged youth (ages 12-18) to our 4th annual Spring Service Learning Camp, a partnership of Quaker Oaks Farm, the Wukchumni Tribe, and Pacific Yearly Meeting Youth Programs (Friends/Quakers).

This is an opportunity for Native and Non-Native youth and adults to gather together on the land, share who we are and where we come from, learn history not usually taught in school, practice local Wukchumni traditions, interact with Tribal Elders, participate in a sweat lodge ceremony and many other fun activities.

Our focus this year will be on the land, water and people of this place. We will trace the source of our water upstream and consider how we can all be Water Protectors. We will work together to plant more pollinator habitat here, installing drought-tolerant native plants using a method that campers can easily then do at home. And we will share our histories and love one another across seeming divides, all through fun, interactive activities.

Come learn, make friends and have fun!

Online registration and payment of deposit is quick and easy.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Cost of camp is on a sliding scale ($0 – $550).