Evaluation of PYM Youth Programs — Responses Requested by 12/30/18 from Individuals, Meetings, Committees, Organizations, and other Groups

Dear Friends throughout Pacific Yearly Meeting,

**Please share this widely and encourage others to respond**

The PYM Youth Programs Committee (YPCC) is taking time to reflect on the expectations of the Youth Programs Coordinator (YPC) position, the roles of the committee and coordinator, and how to improve PYM’s ability to effectively operate as an employer. For these reasons, we are sending this invitation to participate in our program evaluation along with the announcement of Alyssa Nelson’s resignation from the YPC position.

Please respond by December 30, 2018 by filling out the online survey (via the group and/or individual form linked below). If you have questions or comments that fall outside of the survey structure, please feel free to email us directly. You may request a .doc version of the survey by emailing us, if that is more convenient for you to respond to. Another option is to write your responses in a Word document and then cut-and-paste them into the survey; this will save us significant work and allow you to retain your original copy.

We ask individuals as well as groups (Monthly Meetings, Worship Groups, Committees, and related Quaker Organizations) to help by providing feedback and input.

Links to the two surveys:

We are basing this evaluation on the stated Goals and Objectives of the YPCC.

You might also like to refer to our 2013 Program Evaluation, the original proposal for the YPC position, or other reports and materials on our Youth Programs Coordinating Committee’s webpage.

In your responses, please consider the year round work of this committee and the coordinator throughout PYM as an organization, region, and community, not just the Annual Session. For the purpose of this survey “youth” includes anyone age 35 and under.

Thank you for your help in improving the quality of the youth programs in PYM,

Bertha Peña and Rebekah Percy, YPCC Co-Clerks

Bertha Peña <bertha.pena@gmail.com>
Rebekah Percy <rebekah.sophia@gmail.com>