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Quick links for 2019 JYM:

  • CONSENT AND MEDICAL FORMS for Minors (PDF): must submit to complete 2019 registration. Send to Registrar with payment.
  • REGISTER online for  JYM and the 2019 PYM Annual Session, being held at Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma, CA, USA from Friday, July 12 – Wednesday, July 17, 2019.
  • See sections below for registration, required forms, and financial assistance to attend ….. and DANCE THEME!!!!!
  • Contacts: The Adult Co-Clerks of JYM Committee are Muriel Strand <ecoengr@comcast.net> and Sarah Armstrong Jones <sajonest42ne1@yahoo.com>

Watch this page for …..

Announcements about JYM 2019

  • Dance Theme 2019 is “Thru the Decades”
    • We encourage anyone who wants to to bring costumes for the dance “Thru the Decades” from the 1950s to the present and into the future!  Adult Co-Clerk Sarah will bring a limited amount of vintage clothing to share/give away as well.
  • See Schedule, Welcome Letter / Packing List, and What to Expect below.


  • Schedule for JYM 2019 (Draft in progress – see it live here. It links to a GoogleDoc in a new tab.)
  • PYM schedule is linked from the 2019 Annual Session Info Page or directly here.

About JYM – What to Expect and What to Bring!


How to Register and Required Forms:

  • Register online for PYM Annual Session [registration opens in May] at Walker Creek Ranch, July 12-17, 2019: Please register by the deadline to avoid the late registration fee. To complete a minor’s registration, we must also receive the required forms below with original signatures so we can have these paper copies onsite. Please print, sign, and mail these forms to the address provided when you filled out the online registration form (as given in the payment instructions section). Address is also posted on AS Info Page. Thanks!
  • Submit the Packet of Required Parental Consent Forms 2019 (see Quick Links section above), which includes:
    • Parental Consent Form
    • Medical History Form
    • Respectful Relationships Consent Form
    • [No additional form this year for service project.]
    • Mail these to the address given in the registration (same as for sending payment by check). Address is also posted on AS 2019 Info Page.

Financial Assistance to Attend

  • Financial assistance is available. Just ask! Please note that the request form is due far in advance and requires going through your Monthly Meeting or Worship Group first. Start asap!
    • If you or a friend you’re bringing is not part of a Meeting or Worship Group and needs financial assistance, contact the PYM Youth Programs Coordinator to explore options <pym.youthcoordinator@gmail.com>.

Volunteer – Be a “Friendly Responsible Adult Presence (FRAP)” or Adult Committee Member

  • Be a “Friendly Responsible Adult Presence (FRAP)”: see the Adult Allies to Youth / Youth Workers page
    • Teens and Parents — please encourage potential good candidates to apply!
  • Serve on the JYM Adult Committee: contact Nominating Committee to express your interest or to suggest a Friend who has the gifts and interest for this service.

2019 JYM Committee

(appointed by JYM teens)
2019 Callum Standish, Berkeley
2019 Charlie Shaw, Santa Monica
2019 Elinor Steffy, Sacramento
2019 Gabi Alvarado, Sacramento

JYM Ministry and Oversight Committee (M&O)
(appointed by JYM teens)
2019 Santiago Myers, San Francisco, Clerk
2019 Aaron Cantu, Santa Cruz
2019 Eben Green, Santa Cruz
2019 Robin Johnson, Santa Cruz

JYM Adult Committee
(nominated by PYM Nominating Committee and approved by PYM)
2019 Muriel Strand, Sacramento (2015), Co-Clerk, <ecoengr@comcast.net>
2019 Dan Strickland, Orange Grove (2013)
2019 Suzanne Doss, Orange Grove (2013)
2020 Sarah Armstrong Jones, Big Island (2017), Co-Clerk, <sajonest42ne1@yahoo.com>
2021 Don McCormick, Grass Valley (2017)
2021 Austin Stanion, Orange Grove (2018)
2021 David Lederman, Orange County (2018)
Ex Officio: Youth Programs Coordinator

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