YPC Epistle XIII – Alyssa’s Farewell – May 2019

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May 15, 2019 – From Alyssa Nelson

Hello Pacific Yearly Meeting Friends! And farewell!!

After eleven years (!!!), the time has come to bid you a ‘see you around.’ Today is my official last day as the PYM Youth Programs Coordinator, a role I’ve been in since August 2011 and an initiative I’ve been part of in various ways since spring 2008. I’m writing to make sure everyone knows I’m leaving and to take this opportunity to share some reflections.

(For those sitting on the edge of your seats right now…, Yes, there will be a new YPC. The Youth Programs Coordinating Committee will be making an announcement about that shortly. At the end of this epistle you’ll find a list of contact people for the interim.)

When I sat down to write this letter, I was thinking a page or two would be plenty to cover a goodbye-for-now and a few parting comments, maybe a list of accomplishments and acknowledgments. Instead you’re getting a little bit of handing-off, some reminders, a large pinch of reflection, a dash of celebration, and a record of waypoints—a draft of a map still in the making.

I certainly did not fully grasp what I was getting into when I said yes (or ‘fine’ or ‘um ok’) to being part of all this YPC business. While I can’t predict the future, I can try to tell a true story from where I sit today (in a blue roller chair at a desk in my home office with a view of mid-May stormclouds over the middle of California’s Central Valley, enjoying a reprieve from pollen-permeated air, stringing together prepositions….).

Some of you might at this point be ready to skip to the last page for some announcements you can put into your newsletters. For the rest of you, and for me, let’s travel back together:

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