2023 Annual Session Daily Miracle

The “Daily Miracle” is the bulletin that miraculously appears each morning during Annual Session. It contains the day’s schedules, announcements and other news and information pertinent to attenders as well as to Friends generally.  The Daily Miracle is shared by email to registered attenders of Annual Session, published electronically and, for Friends attending onsite, printed on request.

Submission Instructions

Deadline for submission to the Daily Miracle is 8:00 pm the evening before publication.

Use the Daily Miracle Submission Form to submit materials.

IMPORTANT “NON-PRIVACY” NOTICE:  The Daily Miracle is a public document.  In addition to being distributed on paper at Annual Session, it is also published electronically on the PacYM website which anyone can read at any time.  By submitting material to the Daily Miracle you are consenting to such publication.  Therefore your content should not include any personal or private information (such as email addresses or phone numbers) that you do not wish to be accessible publicly or that you are not yourself authorized to publish.

Questions?  Email DailyMiracle@pacificyearlymeeting.org if you have questions about the Daily Miracle, but do not send submissions by email.  Instead use the SUBMISSION FORM.

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