Financial Assistance, Grants & Donations (all ages)

Within PacYM, for PacYM Friends

For Individuals and Projects

PacYM has a booklet on Leadings, “Faithfulness in Action,” to help Friends understand how to discern when they are experiencing a leading and get support in fulfilling the leading.

For Monthly Meetings

The Meetinghouse Assistance Fund:  Pacific Yearly Meeting Holding Corporation (PYMHC) has a fund to assist Monthly Meetings with the purchase or renovation of Meetinghouses. Meetings can apply for grants from this fund by emailing a request (read: an approved minute) which explains the amount sought and the use to which the money would be dedicated to Lanny Jay, PYMHC’s Clerk at  You may include supporting documentation, like plans and estimates, but this in not required.

At the time of this writing (March 6, 2023) there is approximately $50,000 remaining from the proceeds of the 1995 sale of the San Fernando Valley Meetinghouse.  There is no set deadline, but decisions will be made in a few months, after several requests have been received.  Once the grant money is gone, it’s gone.

Resources Beyond Pacific YM

Donate to PacYM

Send a check to our Treasurer (Roy Allen, Berkeley). If it is for a particular fund, please note this in the memo line (e.g., “Voluntary Carbon Tax,” “Bob Vogel Endowment,” etc.)

Donations to PacYM and other financial matters should be sent to the Treasurer’s address as posted on the Finance & Treasurer page.

PacYM Mutual Aid Project (historical)

The Mutual Aid Project is no longer active.  The following information is retained for the historical record only.

The PacYM Mutual Aid Project was launched in April, 2020, in response to the impacts of the pandemic by a number of Young Adult Friends.  The purpose of this group is to connect at-risk community members in Monthly Meetings that need direct assistance with Young Adults Friends who can help. The grant provides financial support for these YAFs in need and creates an overall network of skills and gifts of those people in the network.

On Getting Involved Now: (historical only)

A) Individuals, Monthly Meetings, other F/friends or local organizations who are in need of either direct services or financial assistance:

Please describe in detail what services or assistance is needed via the attached google form [link removed]. All needs, skills, and talents are welcome and will further enrich our network.

B) Donations to the project may be made via check. Please write out your check to “Pacific Yearly Meeting,” and mail it to Roy Allen, Pacific Yearly Meeting Treasurer at: 580 Tamarack Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903. The memo line should state “”PYM Mutual Aid Project.” We ask that meetings consider a contribution to this effort.

C) Keep in touch & help spread the word! As so much is happening virtually right now, our network can span great distances and should include as many folks as possible. We ask specifically that Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups review their current support of members and attenders, and pinpoint individuals and organizations in their community with specific needs, so that we can match them with Friends who can be of assistance.

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