Annual Session 2017 Information for Registrants

The following important information was sent in two emails, on 6/25/17 and 7/5/2017, to all people registered to attend Annual Session 2017 at Walker Creek Ranch.  This supplements the basic information at Registration and Advance Information about Annual Session 2017 with late-breaking news and instructions.

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Community Expectations – Pacific Yearly Meeting Annual Session 2017

Community Expectations – Pacific Yearly Meeting Annual Session 2017

Community expectations for PYM AS 2017 (PDF)

Our Annual Session is a gathering of the Beloved Community where Friends labor and rejoice together in discerning the will of Spirit. For us to go deep into worship and community, we must create a safe and healthy container. Please use these reminders to make Annual Session a joyful occasion for all.

We ask that all Friends will uphold the following expectations.

  • We come to Annual Session with a loving attitude ready to be with one another in compassion, even when we are in disagreement.
  • When there is conflict, we practice entering worship to seek God’s will. We listen deeply to others and speak our truth as plainly as we are able.
  • We remember basic courtesy, and we speak with love. Peace is the way!
  • We communicate our own personal boundaries and respect those of others.
  • We ensure that children and parents are supported so that young people are safe, supervised and appropriately engaged as an integral part of our community.
  • We remember that Annual Session is a Do-It-Yourself event and run by volunteers – members of our very own community. We seek the appropriate person to talk to and we are prepared to help with the solution to issues we bring forward for resolution.
  • We are aware of our own and others’ needs and are willing to ask for and/or give help to others while also respecting everyone’s desire for independence.
  • Consenting adults keep any sexual intimacy only within pre-existing committed relationships in order to focus on being in community for our time together at Annual Session. We expect that minors will not engage in sexual relations during Annual Session.
  • We abstain from using alcohol and recreational or illegal drugs during Annual Session.

Thank you for helping make Annual Session a safe, healthy and fun occasion for the whole community!

If you would like to discuss any of these expectations please see a member of the Ministry and Oversight Committee. M&O members are also available to support anyone at Annual Session through mediation, worship and/or deep listening.

Clerking Workshop –ALL AGES– organized by Young Adult Friends: Memorial Day Weekend at Sierra Friends Center

May 26-28, 2017: Clerking Workshop at Sierra Friends Center in Nevada City, CA, with facilitators Eric Moon and Diego Navarro, organized by PYM Young Adult Friends. All ages welcome. Register online by May 1st. Teens are invited, too, and must have an adult sponsor or parent/guardian onsite and submit medical/permission forms in a timely manner; there is a box on the form to indicate the teen’s sponsor or to request help.


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Annual Session 2017 – Clerk’s Call

Download: Clerk’s Call to PYM 2017 Annual Session (PDF) or read below.

For more information about Annual Session, please see the Annual Session Information page or the Minutes and Reports page.

Clerk’s Call to
Walker Creek Ranch
Friday, July 14 to Wednesday, July 19, 2017


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Spring Youth Service-Learning Camp with Wukchumni Tribe, Quaker Oaks Farm, April 10-14, 2017

April 10-14, 2017 (Monday-Friday leading up to Easter weekend)
Quaker Oaks Farm
Visalia, CA, USA

Potential donors: please see our Camp Fundraising Letter.

See the Quaker Oaks Farm website for information and online registration.

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RepCom 2017 – March 3-5 in Palo Alto – Clerk’s Call

Clerk’s Call to

PYM Representative Committee 2017:
Click for Downloadable PDF Version of the Call to RepCom

RepCom will be held at Palo Alto Friends Meeting and begin on Friday, March 3 at 6pm, continuing to Sunday, March 5 if necessary.

Please register for RepCom by Feb 10th using the online form:

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