Roll Call Annual Session 2012

Roll Call Annual Session 2012 MM & WG (PDF file)


PYM Annual Session, August 2012                       


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PYM Epistle 2012

PYM EPISTLE 2012 (PDF file)

of the Religious Society of Friends

To Friends Everywhere,

Healing—of self, community, world—was the theme of the 66th Annual  Session of Pacific Yearly Meeting, held from the 13th through the 18th of Eighth Month, 2012.  We gathered again at Walker Creek Ranch near Petaluma, California, among the live oaks and golden, rolling hills of the Northern California coastal range, a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.  In the quiet repose of this remote area (blessedly free of cell phone connection!) we saw deer foraging daintily on the outskirts of the ranch, turkey vultures circling above, raccoons feasting upon food found in backpacks.  All were reminders of the healing beauty of the Earth and its readiness to welcome us back into communion with the Great Spirit in which “we live, and move, and have our being.”

In the call to our Annual  Session, Presiding Clerk Marilee Eusebio invited us to “Come with open minds and hearts that in the Spirit, we may share our deepest selves with one another.”  In the opening plenary, she quoted from a speech by Shirin Ebadi, the first Iranian (and the first Muslim woman) to win the Nobel Peace Prize, whose message was simply “Embrace kindness.”

In his keynote message, “The Dance between Hope and Fear Among Friends,” John Calvi of Putney Meeting in Vermont spelled out various dimensions of healing.  The deepest, most lasting healing occurs when we surrender ourselves into the Light—where “surrender” does not mean giving up, but rather joining something far greater than ourselves.  Our work of healing is most effective when we have a clear sense of our own goodness—the “spiritual essence” which is our connection to the Divine.  This awareness is strengthened by many things, including the enjoyment of giving and receiving love; acts of conscience and the use of our personal power for the common good; and the direct experience of the Divine through the stillness of Friends’ worship.

The schedule for our Annual Session was redesigned to enhance opportunities for healing, by fostering more deeply gathered or “covered” Meetings for Worship on the Occasion of Business, and by greater coordination of age-related and intergenerational group activities. Worship-sharing queries addressed healing at many levels: care for our physical selves, our inner lives, our Meetings and wider communities, and the common ills of humanity.  Many Interest Groups featured initiatives to mend the world, including “The Joy of Racial Healing”; Friends Peace Teams; Promoting Diplomacy (not War) with Iran; Healing From Trauma; Abolishing the Death Penalty; Ending Torture; and listening to needs of undocumented students.

We broke into enthusiastic applause at the end of the premier showing of a film made by four of our Pacific Yearly Meeting members who had attended the 6th World Conference of Friends, held in Kenya earlier this year: “Being Salt and Light: Friends Living the Kingdom of God in a Broken World.”   The film, Salt and Light, depicts in compelling intimacy the exuberant joy of coming together and sharing in worship with Friends from many parts of the world, as well as the sometimes painful gift of wrestling with deeply held differences, especially those regarding differences in sexual orientation. We have been heartened by reports that healing is taking place, even across such painful divisions. The film has been adopted by Friends World Committee for Consultation as part of its own publicity for the World Conference.

We are deeply gratified to witness a growing energy and commitment to the Yearly Meeting among our youth.  One young Friend speaks with wonder of the greater fluidity that he senses between various age groups within the Yearly Meeting. At one meeting, Friends of all ages gathered to find ways to soften separations and enhance connections between younger and older Friends. The youngest person present, a three-year-old boy, was allowed to play on the floor with a roll of Scotch Tape.   As older Friends talked, the little boy decided to stretch pieces of tape from the feet of one person to the next, until many feet were joined by transparent, sticky links.  Reuniting the generations begins with outreach at the most basic, ground level—and “A little child shall lead us.”

The decision of the Yearly Meeting in 2009 to experiment with our first paid full-time staff person, a Youth Program Coordinator, has been deeply affirming to many of our young people, who report that they feel a greater sense of belonging to Pacific Yearly Meeting—that they have “come home.” Their revitalized connection to the Yearly Meeting and to the Religious Society of Friends is infectious and empowering, spawning eagerness to share with others in the wider world the beauty of an inclusive and loving Blessed Community.

At the same time, some of our Monthly Meetings struggle with the increased financial burden posed by the newly-hired staff person.  Following a full evaluation, at our Annual Session in 2013 we will decide whether to continue, or to lay down, this initiative.

Healing occurs at many levels and by many means, some less visible and obvious than others.  A message out of the silence this week reminded us of the hidden, yet deeply healing power of lives of integrity and compassion.  Such lives affect all whom they touch, beyond what words can say.  Ultimately, who we are as human beings is our greatest and most lasting witness to the world.

In the Light,

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Clerk

AS 2012 Minutes Plenary IX

PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary IX (PDF file)


Plenary IX began with silent worship at 8:45AM.


Reading Clerk Russell Swanagon (Central Coast) read excerpts from 2011 NEYM Annual Session which celebrated 350 years together from the Great Meetinghouse which served the Yearly Meeting from 1699-1905.  They recognized their responsibility toward healing the earth with heart, creativity and humor.  As George Fox commented to them in 1672, “It was hard for Friends to part, for the glorious power of the Lord…flowed amongst us and so united us together that we had difficult taking leave of one another.”

Naming Report

Convener Jean Lester (Orange Grove) read the final Naming report.

AS Minute 2012.9:  The following were approved for the Nominating Committee:

Elaine Emily, Strawberry Creek, (2013)

Muriel Strand, Sacramento (2014)

David Barrows, San Diego, clerk (2015)

Carl Anderson, Strawberry Creek (2015)

Henrietta Groot, Central Coast (2015)

Final Nominating Committee

Clerk David Barrows (San Diego) came forward and thanked the members of the Nominating Committee and those who have stepped forward to serve the Yearly Meeting.

AS Minute 2012.10:  Pacific Yearly Meeting approves including the adult clerks of teen programs in CPQM and SCQM as ex officio members of the Junior Yearly Meeting Committee.

AS Minute 2012.11:  The slate of 2012 nominations brought forward in this annual session by the Nominating Committee was approved.

See Attachment #15: PYM 2012 Nominating Report and email directory (PASSWORD protected) (PDF file – Contact web [at] pacificyearlymeeting [dot] org for password if needed.)

In response to questions, Barbara Babin (Redwood Forest), Clerk of Ministry and Oversight, reported that M&O is taking the concerns regarding the number of representatives attending other organizations under consideration and will make a report to Representative Committee 2013.

 We approved the following minute.

AS Minute 2012.12:  Authorized signatures for bank accounts and financial instruments for Pacific Yearly Meeting shall be those of the Treasurer, Assistant to the Treasurer and Clerk of the Finance Committee.

PYM Holding Corporation Report

President Lanny Jay (Redwood Forest) gave the appended report.  He reminded Friends that the PYM Holding Corporation, as a 501(c)(2), is responsible for holding and disbursing the proceeds received as a result of laying down San Fernando Valley Meeting and selling its Meetinghouse.  At this time the proceeds, some $97 thousand, are held by the Holding Corporation and are available to help PYM’s Monthly Meetings acquire or construct new Meetinghouses.  The PYM Holding Corporation is also making these funds available for the renovation and greening of meetinghouses.  These grants would not be as large as those for building or acquiring meetinghouses.  PYM representatives to the monthly meetings were reminded to take this information home to their Meetings.

See Attachment #16:  Holding Corporation Report (HTML post and PDF file)

Peace and Social Order

Clerk Jeff Kroeber (San Jose) brought back the minute proposed in Plenary IV.  This minute reinforces the 2001 statement of PYM to oppose the death penalty.  Discussion brought out the fact that this proposition is carefully worded to maximize the chance of passing.

AS Minute 2012.13:  Pacific Yearly Meeting endorses and encourages Californians to vote for Proposition 34, the initiative to replace the death penalty with life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.  Although this proposition is based on cost savings, we oppose the death penalty on moral grounds.

 Note:  Discussion continued following the approval of this minute.  We regret that the proposition does not address our moral and theological objections to both the death penalty and life sentences without parole.


Registrar Sarah Tyrrell (Berkeley) gave the final report on this year’s Annual Session, which is appended in full.  It was noted that the attendance is at 288 this year, up from 246 from last year.

See attachment #17:  Registrars  Report (HTML post and PDF file)



Junior Yearly Meeting

Co-clerk Rose Mackenzie (Orange Grove) presented their epistle which touched on the many activities that bonded them into a close knit group.  In parting, they take solace from the words of Dr. Seuss: “Don’t cry because it’s over – smile because it happened.”

See Attachment #18; Junior Yearly Meeting 2012 Epistle (HTML post and PDF file)

Young Adult Friends (YAF) formerly Young Friends

Co-clerks Nora Cooke (Grass Valley) and Nate Secrest (Lake County) gave the Epistle and report, attached.   YAF activities this year included Respectful Relations activities with JYM, which included a workshop with John Calvi; as well as a “speed dating” style exercise to familiarize Young Adult Friends with the work of the Senior Yearly Meeting.

The meeting for business of the YAF came to unity on the creation of a planning/clerking committee to hold the group’s needs through the year.  Mark Runyan (Chico), Ty Graham (Central Coast), Cedar Green (??MM), and Nate Secrest (Lake County) will be serving on the committee for 2012-13.

The YAF also came to unity on creating an experimental, open support committee, and is in discernment on whether it should be continued as a YAF committee or recommended to be under the care of the greater PYM.  The Senior Yearly Meeting members serving on this committee for the 2012-2013 year are Alyssa Nelson (Davis), Diego Navarro (Santa Cruz??), Jim Summers (La Jolla), Carl Magruder (Strawberry Creek) and Lisa Hubbell (Strawberry Creek).

Five Action Minutes were approved by the Young Adult Friends Meeting for Business, and are appended.

See Attachment #19: Young Adult Friends Approved Minutes (HTML post and PDF file)

See Attachment #20: Young Adult Friends 2012 Epistle (HTML post and PDF file)

Children’s Program

David Forbes (Santa Cruz), the morning elementary teacher, read the attached Epistle.  The children spoke to their future selves, reminding those children of the future of the experiences and friendships they shared during this week.  They hope that their discoveries about creation, teamwork, community, worship, the environment, and all of the connections that tie these things together stick with them.

See Attachment #21: Children’s Program 2012 Epistle (HTML post and PDF file)

Middle School

Children from the program read their epistle:  It highlighting the activities they enjoyed, guest presenters including Elizabeth Fry, and creative projects like “Coffee…the Musical.”

See Attachment #22: Middle-School 2012 Epistle (HTML post and PDF file)

Pre school

Heather Elrick (Santa Cruz) and Minna Albarqi read the children’s epistle which listed many of the activities that they liked including shaving cream, worms, work in the garden, sleeping, many animals and singing during circle time.

See Attachment #23: Pre-School 2012 Epistle (HTML post and PDF file)


Convener Steve Smith (Claremont) read the final version of the epistle from Pacific Yearly Meeting, which highlights the gifts of our natural setting and the healing work we are called to within ourselves, our community and our broken world. 

We accepted the Epistle.

See Attachment #24: PYM 2012 Epistle (HTML Post and PDF file)

Clerk’s closing remarks

She expressed gratitude for all the work that went into making this Annual Session happen especially the work of the Experimentation and Implementation Sub-committee.   She also appreciates and looks forward to the continuing work of the PYM Representative Support Sub-committee in developing and strengthening the connections between the monthly meetings and the Yearly Meeting.  Her experience as our Clerk has been one of change and joy.

 Minutes of Plenary IX were approved.

Closing worship


Julie Harlow and Amy Cooke, Co-Recording Clerks

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Cler

AS 2012 Minutes Plenary VIII

 PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary VIII (PDF file)


Plenary VIII began with silent worship at 9:45AM.


Reading Clerk Russell Swanagon (Central Coast) read excerpts from IMYM Senior Young Friends Epistle.  They found the gathering to be the highlight of their year.  The poetic imagery of the epistle captured the natural setting, their joy in being together and their support of each other through common grief.

Site Committee

Clerk Lanny Jay (Redwood Forest) made the report.  The Annual Session 2013 will take place at Mt. Madonna, over the week of Seventh Month 29 through the 3rd of Eighth Month.  For Annual Sessions 2014 and 2015 the committee is seeking sites in Southern California.  There has also been discussion about coming back to Walker Creek Ranch in 2014.

A Friend spoke to the value and good order of booking our sites several years out, rather than searching a year or two years out.

Youth Program Coordinator Supervisory Committee

Presiding Clerk Marilee Eusebio read the proposed minute for action that was recommended by RepCom in March.  The committee has gathered input from monthly meetings and involved individuals.  The full report is available on-line and attached to these minutes.  The committee will continue this process and bring a recommendation to RepCom, March 2013.  RepCom will evaluate and forward a recommendation to Annual Session 2013.  We were reminded that we are evaluating a program, not an individual, and that we are called to be faithful, not successful:  We did make errors in the original planning for the implementation schedule.

AS Minute 2012.4:  To allow for a full evaluation and understanding of the experiment of funding a Youth Program Coordinator for Pacific Yearly Meeting, the calendaring of the three year Youth Program Coordinator position will start in April 2010 and end at the conclusion of the fiscal year 2013 (9/30/2013).

The terms of service of the current YPCS Committee will also be extended for one year.

Finance Committee

Clerk Donna Smith (Redwood Forest) and Treasurer Ed Flowers (Apple Seed) brought two requests for augmentation for the current fiscal year (2011-2012). These funds will be drawn from Reserves.

We approved the following minutes.

AS Minute 2012.5:  Expense account #5225, originally set at $1000, will be augmented in the amount of $83, to $1083.

AS Minute 2012.6:  Western Friends, Expense account #5271, set at $1500, will be augmented in the amount of $160, to $1660, for travel expenses.

The 2012-2013 Budget as published in the Daily Miracle and the PYM web site was brought forward for approval.  It was noted that two open Finance Committee meetings have been held this week to address concerns.  It was clarified that the augmentations just approved are in the current fiscal year, 2011-2012, so they do not impact the 2012-2013 Budget.

AS Minute 2012.7: The Annual Session approved the 2012-2013 Budget.

See Attachment #13: PYM 2012-13 Approved Budget (PDF file)

The Annual Session accepted the 2011-2012 Treasurer’s Report, as given in Plenary III by Ed Flowers, treasurer.

Note: The 2012-2013 PYM yearly assessments are as follows: California and Nevada:  $89 per member; Guatemala and Hawaii: $39 per member; and Mexico City: $15 per member.

 Western Friend

Editor Kathy Hyzy (Multnomah Meeting) announced that she will be leaving at the end of Dec and expressed her joy in working with these three yearly meetings.  A search for a new editor will be taking place this fall, with the new editor overlapping with Kathy for a time.  She asked for our patience and support of her replacement. She also named the PYM members of the board.

Clerk Marilee reminded us that the Board of Friends Bulletin Corporation is asking us to help discern the future of Western Friend and related publications.  We need to fill out the survey indicating our ideas for the breadth and content of the corporation’s continuing mission.

See Attachment #14: Western Friend Annual Report 2012 (HTML post and PDF file)

AS Minute 2012.8:  Friends enthusiastically expressed their gratitude for Kathy Hyzy’s work, noting her grace and thoughtfulness.  We appreciate her diligent and effective work and wish her well in future endeavors.

Minutes of Plenary VIII were approved.


Julie Harlow and Amy Cooke, Co-Recording Clerks

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Clerk

AS 2012 Minutes Plenary VII

PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary VII (PDF file)


Memorials 2012

Lois Bailey, Grass Valley

Jeanne Barber, San Jose

Thomas Barker, Reno

Ernest Bicknell, Berkeley

Judith Bishop, Palo Alto

Harold Blickenstaff, Grass Valley

Frank Burnham, Reno

Dorothy “Dotty” Campbell, Claremont

Barbara (Weiss) Cartwright, Santa Barbara

Hall Cushman, Redwood Forest

Margaret Dimock, Grass Valley

Caroline Duhem, Strawberry Creek

Calvin “Cal” Edinger, Orange Grove

Maggie Ely, Strawberry Creek

Carol Guyton Goodell, Palo Alto

Robert O. Hahn, Santa Cruz

Gilbert Hamilton, Davis

Jean Hanks, Redwood Forest

Raymond Jansen, Central Coast

Jerry Stephen Jones, San Francisco

Margo Kothe, Redwood Forest

Sandra Lewis, Strawberry Creek

Kathleen Rae (McAdam) Linn, Honolulu

Eugene A.H. Magnier, Honolulu

David Markham, Davis

Margaret McBane, Orange Grove

Kawatsu “Taka” Nomura, Orange Grove

Joseph Ogden Priestly, San Francisco

Viesca Riner, Claremont

Philip Rizzo, Orange Grove

Doris (Dee) Rossman, Strawberry Creek

David Russell, Mendocino

Regina Sing, Berkeley

Deborah Steiner, Claremont

Wayne Michael Sturm, Santa Cruz

Theodore Oral Talbott, Honolulu

David Weaver, Orange Grove

Richard C. Wolgast, Berkeley

AS 2012 Minutes Plenary VI

PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary VI (PDF file)


Plenary VI began with silent worship at 9:45AM.


Reading Clerk Russell Swanagon (Central Coast) read excerpts from New York Yearly Meeting Annual Session, July 2011:  They reflected on the fragility of human life and that of the planet and its gifts, as well as appreciating the gifts within the gathering of “irrational optimism” and their “blessed squabbles and luxuries”.

Salt and Light from Plenary V

The following notes regarding the Plenary V Salt and Light presentation were approved, with the additional note that Lane was absent this week and sorely missed.

Appointed Delegates Shayne Lightner (Santa Monica), Hulda Muaka (Palo Alto), and Sarah Rose House-Lightner (Orange Grove) and Lane Clark (Santa Barbara, absent this week) prepared a report on the 6th World Gathering of Friends held in Nakuru, Kenya, April 2012, the first gathering of its kind since 1967.  The location allowed for the participation of Friends who more accurately reflect the diversity within the Religious Society of Friends.

The theme was “Being Salt and Light: Friends Living the Kingdom of God in a Broken World”.  In an effort to share the experience with PYM, the appointed delegates made a film.  The film has been requested for more general use by FWCC and gathering participants, is being shared widely and will soon be available at the FWCC website for all Friends worldwide.

The film beautifully captures the natural and cultural setting of the gathering as well as its faces, voices, activities and music.  Small Home Groups allowed Friends to get to know each other more intimately and large plenaries attempted to weave together the multiplicity of concerns from Thread Groups.  The film highlighted various concerns including Alternatives to Violence, Africa Great Lakes Initiative, Right Sharing of World Resources, Bio-Sand Filters, and the Rescue an Orphan Project.

Tension arose over the diversity of attitudes regarding issues about sexual orientation.  This was handled in open dialogs and with tenderness.  Quoting from the Gathering Epistle:  “We are not united in all of our attitudes and beliefs, yet we choose to come together to listen, to share, and to hear things we may find uncomfortable and upsetting”.

After the film, Open Delegates Anthony Manousos (Santa Monica), Janet Leslie (Chico), Jim Anderson (Chico), and Donna Smith (Redwood Forest) joined the others and each delegate shared a brief reflection of their experience.

Nominating Report Update

Clerk David Barrows (San Diego) gave the update.  The only change to the slate as presented is the addition of Bryan Runyan (Chico) to the Junior Yearly Meeting Committee, with a term ending in 2015.

Ben Lomond Quaker Center

Co-director Kathy Runyan (Chico) highlighted changes in the program, including the availability of childcare at programs and the Annual Pass program.  Jim Anderson (Chico) talked about the first week-long program, a concept rising from last year’s visioning for Ben Lomond.  He introduced the other presenters for the Sept workshop, “Quakers: In the Life”.  (see the web site for full details about the changes and all upcoming programs ). 

First Reading of PYM Epistle

Committee Convener Steve Smith (Claremont) introduced the other members of the committee and read the preliminary draft.  He explained that the purpose is not to recite a list of all activities but to communicate the inspirations deriving from the gathering.  He reminded us of the traditional query for developing the epistle was “How is the Spirit moving among you?”  The epistle, when complete, will be brought back for action.

Unity with Nature

Co-clerk Renie Wong Lindley (Honolulu) and incoming Co-clerk Muriel Strand (Sacramento) gave the report, which is appended in its entirety.  Friends are encouraged to read the full report, found on the PYM website.   The committee is holding deep concerns with climate change and how it is embedded in our economic and political systems.  Like seeing a shark moving toward us, we are aware of the dangers and know we will feel the effects.

Friends are encouraged to attend to the work of Quaker Earthcare Witness, which has been on the forefront of the Earthcare movement, and to participate in that larger community. The committee upholds its work to green the Annual Session and continues the mini-grant program to Meetings.

The committee also holds a tender awareness of our spiritual connections with the Earth – indeed, we are Earth-Right Quakers!  The Earth needs our voice.  Discernment for what is true, what is right, is made at her feet.

See Attachment #12: Unity With Nature Committee Report (HTML post and PDF file)

Minutes of Plenary VI were approved. 

Closing Worship

Julie Harlow and Amy Cooke, Co-Recording Clerks

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Clerk

AS 2012 Minutes Plenary V

PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary V (PDF file)


Plenary V began with silent worship at 3:15PM

Latin American Concerns Committee

The report was given by Clerk Dottie Vura-Weiss (Palo Alto).  The committee continues to focus on its primary mission of increasing awareness among Friends regarding the meetings and projects in Latin America related to PYM, via the committee’s bilingual website ( and by sponsoring interest groups at the Annual Session.

Miguel Angel Costop, Director of Progresa, the Guatemala Friends Scholarship/Loan Program, greeted us.  He shared how the program  – celebrating its 40th year – has impacted his life and the lives of the participants.  Ninety-six percent of the Guatemalan population is considered poor.  Only 3% of the population has ever attended university – these statistics point to the close links between education and poverty.  Education is an avenue for healing the pain of poverty, giving hope through gaining access to the treasure of education.

The three major projects of the committee – Casa de Los Amigos, Mexico City; Guatemala Friends Scholarship Loan Program; and El Salvador Projects, Palo Alto Friends Meeting – are continuing.  Please see individual committee members and the LACC for more information on the committee’s activities.

See Attachment #11: Latin American Concerns Committee Report (HTML post and PDF file)

Minutes of Plenary V up to this point were approved.

FWCC:  Salt and Light presentation – see notes in Plenary VI.

Julie Harlow and Amy Cooke, Co-Recording Clerks

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Clerk


AS 2012 Minutes Plenary IV

PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary IV (PDF file)


Plenary IV began with silent worship at 9:45AM.


Reading Clerk Russell Swanagon (Central Coast) read from the epistle of SEYM (SouthEastern Yearly Meeting) who are all well coiffed after visiting their fund-raising Worship-Shearing Tent.  IMYM (InterMountain Yearly Meeting) heard from 8 representatives who attended the World Gathering in Kenya, noting the “dissonance felt between the physical poverty and the spiritual hospitality of Kenyan Quakers”.

Initial naming committee

Convener Jean Lester (Orange Grove) named the other members of the committee and presented the slate for the Nominating Committee.  This proposal will receive action later in this session.  (the approved slate will be attached)

American Friends Service Committee

AFSC General Secretary Shan Cretin (PhYM); and AFSC West Regional Director Sonia Tuma came forward to report.

Shan Cretin reminded us that the AFSC was founded in 1917 by Friends as the United States was going to war, in order to do the work of peace building beyond the capacity of any single Yearly Meeting.  Shan shared that the AFSC has stabilized itself economically and is poised to grow.   They are reclaiming and renewing their connections with Friends.  In that light, Lucy Duncan has come into the AFSC as the new Friends Liaison.  The Monthly Meetings have received information on liaison opportunities with AFSC.

The gathering was reminded that the number of regions has been reduced from nine to four.  While the regions may appear large, the advances in technology enable greater communication and thus allow for the larger regions to function effectively.

Shan shared recent research that has shown that nonviolence is twice as effective as violence in resolving conflict and those who use nonviolence are more likely to use a democratic process as the region becomes stabilized.  The AFSC is working for the resolution of conflict through non-violence around the world.

Sonia Tuma greeted us.  She brings many years and a breadth of experience to her position.  Sonia invited Friends to participate in the 11 locations and 20 programs under the AFSC’s care in the West region.

See attachment #8: AFSC Report to PYM 2012 (PDF file)

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)

Stephen McNeil (Strawberry Creek) named the other representatives to FCNL and reported on concerns including actions to promote diplomacy and prevent a war with Iran, Native American issues, the annual priorities list including campaign finance reform, and an upcoming Quaker Public Policy Institute and lobby day (see details on-line).

See attachment #9: 2012 FCNL Representative Report to PYM (HTML post and PDF file)

Peace and Social Order

Clerk Jeff Kroeber (San Jose) gave the report, appended. Several members of the committee came forward and gratitude was given for the support of many Friends.

There is growing concern about possible conflicts escalating with Iran. The committee recommends that all Friends carefully review, engage in prayer upon, and consider acting upon the Minute on Iran approved at Orange Grove Meeting in Fourth Month 2012.  This minute appears on the Orange Grove Meeting web site and is appended herein.

In addition, the committee has come to unity on bringing the following minute forward to the Annual Session regarding the death penalty:

“Pacific Yearly Meeting endorses, and encourages California voters to support Proposition 34.”

This minute will be seasoned until a later Plenary.  Friends are advised to discuss the minute with members of the P&SO committee.

See attachment #10: Peace & Social Order Report (HTML post and PDF file)

Friends Committee on Legislation of California (FCLCA)

Clerk of the board Laurel Gord (Santa Monica) pointed out the availability of the newsletter and the development of the website.

Friends United Meeting (FUM)

Representative Elaine Emily (Strawberry Creek) reported from the FUM Gathering whose theme was “Transforming Lives – Roman 12:2”.  They cautioned that we not be dragged down by easy acceptance of the surrounding culture but let God bring out the best in you. They reported on their mission work and how they struggle to be less imperialistic.  The West Richmond Monthly Meeting has become “open and affirming” and has led to a painful split in Indiana Yearly Meeting.

See Attachment #???

Minutes of Plenary IV were approved.

 Julie Harlow and Amy Cooke, Co-Recording Clerks

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Clerk

AS 2012 Minutes Plenary III

PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary III (PDF file)


Plenary III began with silent worship at 3:15PM.


Reading Clerk Russell Swanagon (Central Coast) read from the epistle of the 138th annual session of Illinois Yearly Meeting.  They expressed joy in just being together and appreciation for those who attended the World Gathering in Kenya recognizing that we are all one. We should “remain engaged when in conflict” because “peace is the way, not the outcome”.

Nominating Committee

Clerk David Barrows (San Diego) introduced the rest of the committee, presented the proposed slate and went over changes and openings.  Diversity of age, gender and geography is sought, but not always achieved.  The slate will be acted on at a later session.

(full committee report will be attached when approved)

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Ed Flowers (Appleseed) gave the report.  Highlights include:

  • Year to date Monthly Meeting Revenue is very close to the budgeted amount. The per-member assessment, for the current year, is $89.
  • We have made a loan of $20,000 to Friends House, at 3% interest.
  •  Income exceeded expenses for the Annual Gathering 2011.
  • We no longer do business with Bank of America.  We have accounts in Wells Fargo.  We have not yet found an institution that meets all our needs, and we continue to search.
  • The value of the inventory of Faith and Practice has been reduced and most of the inventory is in San Francisco.
  • We have lowered the amount of liability insurance we carry from $4 million to $1 million, and thereby reduced our premium. We applied for “sexual misconduct” coverage and our application was rejected because we do not perform background checks on volunteers and employees who work with minors.

See Attachment #5: Treasurer Report (HTML post and PDF file)


Clerk Donna Smith (Redwood Forest) reported on a Review of the Finances and the ongoing implementation of recommendations.  She then presented the proposed budget for 2012-13.  This document includes the 2011-12 budget and the actual spending through 7/31.

See Attachment #6:  Finance Report (HTML post and PDF file)

(the budget will be attached when approved)

Statistical Report

PYM Statistical Clerk Lee Knutsen (Monterey Peninsula) gave the report, which is appended in its entirety.  A 10-year year-by-year view of PYM membership changes and the number and types of changes per Meeting are on the PYM website and are also appended.

There are 37 constituent Monthly Meetings in PYM. Twenty-four meetings are in College Park Quarterly Meeting, nine meetings are in Southern California Quarterly Meeting, and four meetings are not affiliated with a Quarterly Meeting.  There are 14 worship groups.

Overall membership within the Pacific Yearly Meeting has decreased by 27, for a total of 1390, down from 1417 last year.

See Attachment #7: Statistical Report (HTML post and PDF file)

Minutes of Plenary III were approved.

Guest Speaker John Calvi (Putney, Vermont; NEYM) gave the keynote address:

“The Dance Between Hope and Fear Amidst Friends.”

Speaking from his 30 years of experience as a healer focusing on the release of pain following trauma, he shared the following:

●  Healing has 4 steps:  listening and kindness; trained compassion; bringing pieces back together as they were before; and experiencing Divine intervention that brings the blessing of great light and great change

●  Hope is the desire for goodness with the expectation that it can be achieved.

●  We are aspects of the Divine: We are the fingers and breath of the Divine.

●  The sources of goodness are: giving and receiving love; taking a stand; experiencing the Divine, which requires real stillness, not even hearing ourselves; using personal power for common good.

●  The obstacles to seeing our own goodness: false modesty; shame – that is, not addressing the dark parts of ourselves; and pain – emotional, spiritual or physical.

●  The antidotes to these obstacles: reverence for self – seeing that we are important and must be taken care of; honesty with charity – honesty that does not intend pain; and reconnecting with the Divine – listen to and know the Divine, know what we hold sacred.


Julie Harlow and Amy Cooke, Co-Recording Clerks

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Clerk


AS 2012 Minutes Plenary II

PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary II (PDF file)


Plenary II began with silent worship at 9:45AM.


Reading Clerk Russell Swanagon (Central Coast) read excerpts from IMYM (Intermountain Yearly Meeting) Annual Session epistles. On the theme of Nurturing the Next Generation we were reminded that we all need elders and the help of God.  The Senior Young Friends expressed appreciation for being more listened to.  To allay fears that Young Friends go away as adults, they shared the view that it doesn’t matter how often you participate:  what matters is how you live your life.

Youth Program Coordinator Supervisory Committee

Youth Program Coordinator Alyssa Nelson (Davis); Clerk Kate Watkins (Santa Monica); Jim Summers (La Jolla); and Steve Leeds (San Francisco) represented the committee.

Kate Watkins gave the report.  She noted that the functions of the committee have evolved as the committee has reviewed its role.   The committee sees its role as developing the youth program, with the Youth Program Coordinator (YPC) in a supportive role with the committee – rather than the other way around.  They see the YPC as a resource, an interpreter and catalyst; rather than as an event planner and program manager.

The committee reported that a set of queries was sent out to Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups as part of evaluating the program.  Twenty-four out of forty-three responded.  Overwhelmingly, Friends responded with enthusiasm for the work of the YPC.  There is a longing to extend our faith to the younger generation and the YPC is meeting that longing.  The program is also helping adults learn how to support young people.   The cost is still an issue in many Meetings.  On one hand there is the cost; and on the other, this is a vital and important thing we are doing.  Communication also remains a challenge.

The committee brought forward a minute for consideration.  Representative Committee 2012 approved the following to be brought forward to the Annual Session:

To allow for a full evaluation and understanding of the experiment of funding a Youth Program Coordinator for Pacific Yearly Meeting, we recommend to the Annual Session 2012 of Pacific Yearly Meeting that the calendaring of the three year Youth Program Coordinator position start in April 2010 and end at the conclusion of the fiscal year 2013 (9/30/2013). 

This minute will be seasoned until later in the Annual Session.

YPC Alyssa Nelson gave her section of the appended report to us.   Her goals for the upcoming year are to continue to expand the projects and activities that have been effective; to help PYM build an infrastructure, coherence, and an overarching focus for “How to be Quakers in the world”; to extend the Coordinator and Committee’s resources to serve Young Adult Friends (as stated in the original proposal); and to improve communications and relationships.

See Attachment 2:  YPCSC Report (HTML post and PDF file)

The clerk reminded us of the presence of a Time Keeper at each session to help us stay on schedule.

Ministry and Oversight Committee

Clerk Barbara Babin (Redwood Forest) introduced the rest of the committee.  She reminded us of the themes of healing and transformation.  The visioning for the future of the Yearly Meeting led to changes in this year’s schedule for this Annual Session as an experiment.  She asked that we work to recognize the places where we disagree and to be gentle with each other and ourselves.

See Attachment 3: M&O Committee Report (HTML post and PDF file)

(full report is attached as are full reports from all subcommittees)

See Attachment 4: State of the Meeting Reports overview (HTML post and PDF file)

Minutes for Plenary II were approved.

Closing silence

Julie Harlow and Amy Cooke, Co-Recording Clerks

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Clerk