2013 RepCom Site Committee Report


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Site Committee Report to RepCom 2013

PYM’s 2013 Annual session, Gathering or Meeting will be held at Mt. Madonna Center from 7/29/2013 – 8/3/2013.

PYM’s 2014 Annual session, Gathering or Meeting will be held at Walker Creek Ranch from 7/14/2014 – 7/19/2014.


Lanny Jay
Site Committee Clerk






2013 RepCom PYM Holding Corp Report


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PYM Holding Corporation Report to RepCom 2013

This weekend PYM Holding Corporation is seasoning three requests for grants to assist Monthly Meetings with acquiring, building or renovation Meetinghouse.  Such grants would come out of the fund created when the San Fernando Valley Meetinghouse was sold.  The San Fernando Valley Meetinghouse fund has some $102,000 in it.


Lanny Jay
PYM Holding Corporation Clerk






2013 RepCom Ministry & Oversight Report


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Ministry and Oversight Committee Report

Representative Committee, March 2013

Ministry and Oversight Committee has assisted the Presiding Clerk in preparing for the 2013 Annual Session by seasoning the theme of Being Reached by the Life and reflecting on how we might refine the schedule.  Some of the ideas will remain on hold until 2014 when we return to Walker Creek and can work around a more flexible meal schedule.

For the Ministry and Oversight plenary of the Annual Session, we plan to invite a panel from within Pacific Yearly Meeting to speak to how they are Being Reached by the Life.  We anticipate an interesting variety of experience.

We will ask our Worship-Sharing subcommittee to write queries based in the theme, and the presentation of the State of the Meeting Reports will focus on how our meetings are Being Reached by the Life.

Ministry and Oversight Subcommittees

The Experimentation and Implementation Subcommittee has met several times by conference call, beginning with a review of the 2012 evaluations.  Overwhelmingly the evaluations for the 2012 Annual Session supported the innovations introduced, with the exception of some logistical issues that will be resolved.  Some of these issues have to do with allowing adequate passing time between events, and making sure that Children’s Program staff have a reasonable schedule.  Although the concept of introducing business early in the week and coming back to it later in the week received wide support, we also received suggestions that more time to discuss and season business within plenary sessions would be appreciated—it was noted that some 2012 plenaries felt rushed and incomplete.

Since many people in their evaluations expressed interest in more fellowship and spiritual growth at the Annual Session, the Experimentation and Implementation Subcommittee is working on ideas for moving some of the business of the Annual Session to Representative Committee so that the Annual Session could be focused more on fellowship and spiritual growth.   Ministry and Oversight has no specific recommendations at this time…more seasoning is needed

The Experimentation and Implementation subcommittee feels that it has completed its initial work related to the re-structuring of the Annual Session and  will turn its focus to the overall structure of the Yearly Meeting (beyond the Annual Session).

The Representative Support  Subcommittee is active and have had conference calls and individual phone calls with Monthly Meeting representatives since annual session. They will be holding a session with representatives at the Representative Committee Session to review the representative job description and discuss how to improve the two-way flow between the monthly meetings and the yearly meeting.

Ministry and Leadings Subcommittee met in October to review their support for Friends with leadings and to clarify the committee’s role in terms of long-term accountability.  They are clear that local (rather than yearly meeting) support is desirable as it is very difficult for Friends around the state to find common meeting times and to meet face-to-face.  They are working on the part of their job description that involves: “sponsoring interest groups and other adult education opportunities related to ministry and leadings”, and have requested an interest group at the 2013 Annual Session, on the topic of  “Naming, Nurturing, Supporting and Providing Accountability for Ministry and Leadings”

In addition they hope to bring workshops to monthly meetings on the theme: “What is the Meeting’s Role in Naming, Nurturing, Supporting and Providing Accountability for Ministry and Leadings”.

The Visiting Friend Support Subcommittee consists of Eric Moon, Martha Hunkins and Eva Miller.   The Ministry and Oversight Liaison to this subcommittee, Bobbi Kendig, is also contacting one other Friend to see if she is able to serve.  The committee is preparing a call for applications which will soon be sent to the monthly meetings through their representatives.

The Support for Distant Meetings Subcommittee formulated a letter to send out to monthly meetings.  The committee has plans to look into the status of Guatemala Monthly Meeting, when Bronwen Hillman and Rolene Walker visit there in April.

Interest Groups

The Ministry and Oversight Committee has requested an interest group time at Annual Session.  In addition, interest group sessions have been requested by the Electronic Communication Subcommittee, the Ministry and Leadings Subcommittee, and the Racial Justice Subcommittee.  These requests have been submitted to the Assistant to the Clerk.

M&O Liaisons to Yearly Meeting Committees:

Children’s Committee—Sarah Rose House Lightner, SM/OG

JYM—Bobbi Kendig, ML

Young Adult Friends—Linda Rowell, CH

Youth Program Support Committee—Barbara Babin, RF

Discipline Committee—Joe Magruder, BE


2012 Minute 2012.9  (moving copies of Faith and Practice from AFSC office)

The clerk of Discipline Committee and clerk of Ministry and Oversight were charged with finding a new home for the Faith and Practices which were stored at AFSC’s Los Angeles Office.  The clerk of Discipline Committee has managed a division of those Faith and Practices between Southern California Quarterly Meeting and the AFSC offices in San Francisco.

The clerk of Ministry and Oversight has been given custody of 152 copies of Fe y Práctica and 48 of Consejos y Preguntas.  Ministry and Oversight Committee will develop a plan to make these copies available at little or no charge. We have received requests from individuals in South/Central America for materials and we are looking at resources for mailing copies to them, possibly with/through FWCC.

2011 Request from RepCom regarding representatives to Quaker organizations

As part of the Treasurer’s report at the 2011 Representative Committee, the minutes reflect a discussion of the PYM policy to fund travel expenses for representatives to Quaker organizations.  “There were strong feelings expressed that costs be cut because the new assessment is difficult for some meetings and are cutting into local programs. One way to cut travel expenses is to lower the number of reps named to various organizations this will be considered. The Futures Subcommittee of Ministry and Oversight Committee and the M&O Committee are involved in this process. The recommendations from these committees will be brought to the Annual Session.”

In 2012, Barbara Babin and Robin Durant surveyed the conveners of nearly all of our representatives, asking questions such as: how the organization communicates with them and how often; how many representatives actually attend the face-to-face meetings and what tasks are they asked to do; how does their participation benefit the organization, the representatives, and PYM.

We also contacted some of the organizations with similar questions.  We found out that the representatives are active with the organizations, that their involvement is useful to the organizations, and the representatives are contributing and growing in their personal knowledge and abilities.  Their actions benefit the Yearly Meeting as they act on our behalf.  The numbers of representatives that we send to AFSC, FCNL, and FWCC are in line with the numbers from other Yearly Meetings.

Based on these findings, Ministry and Oversight does not recommend lowering the number of representatives to any of the organizations.  However we do recommend that the representatives be asked to make a written report and be given the opportunity to present information in appropriate venues at the Annual Session (ex.  Plenary, interest group, lunch table).


Sexual Misconduct

Last April our PYM treasurer submitted an application to the yearly meeting’s insurer, Guide One, for sexual misconduct insurance, which used to be covered under our liability insurance and now must be covered by a separate policy. The application was denied because, although we do have guidelines in place to ensure the safety of our attendees, we do not conduct background checks for volunteers and employees working with children and youth.

We held a session to discuss this at the 2012 Annual Session, including members of Ministry and Oversight, the JYM adult committee, and members of the finance committee.  We also invited Laura Magnani to speak to us, as AFSC has a great deal of experience with background checks, and we had talked with Quaker Center staff.  We learned that JYM has a lot of screening and training procedures in place.

At the end of January a conference call was held with the Youth Program Coordinator, the Youth Program Coordinator supervisor, and clerks of the JYM Adult Committee, the Children’s Program Committee, and Ministry and Oversight.  At that time we learned that the children’s program also has a lot of procedures in place.  Both the children’s program and JYM could  meet timelines for getting background checks on employees and volunteers in time for Annual Session.  We learned that Quaker Center does background checks for the summer camp employees and we found out that the background check does not include fingerprinting.  Participants in this phone call stressed that careful screening, education, and good training would be far more effective than background checks in preventing sexual misconduct, however insurance coverage would give the Yearly Meeting access to legal representation in case of an incident that led to litigation.  The group recommended the insurance for PYM.

Guide One has referred us to a resource called “Safe Church” that has excellent information on how to set up policies and procedures to prevent sexual misconduct, and they work with an agency that does background checks ranging from $8-$30 per person.

Recognizing that background checks are not especially useful in preventing sexual misconduct, Ministry and Oversight is in agreement that getting insurance coverage is advisable, and supports getting the background checks as a condition of the insurance.

However, we are left with a number of tasks to complete as we move through this process: our policies around sexual misconduct should be reviewed and possibly revised, our application forms for FAP and children’s program positions should be reviewed and may need to be revised, and we need to find a way to administer the background check process, discern how to handle the information we get back, and decide what to archive and how.

Ministry and Oversight submits two  requests to Representative Committee and will likely submit another to the Annual Session:

  • Formation of an ad-hoc committee consisting of the  Youth Program Coordinator, the Youth Program Coordinator supervisor, and clerks of the JYM Adult Committee, the Children’s Program Committee, and Ministry and Oversight.  The purpose of this ad-hoc committee would be to:
    • review the Yearly Meeting’s policies around sexual misconduct as well as the documents and procedures used by JYM and the children’s program to ensure consistency;
    • discern which officer or committee of the Yearly Meeting should administer the background checks, and determine what to do with the information and how to archive it; and
    • bring recommendations to Annual Session.
  • An augmentation to the 2012-13 budget in the amount of $900 to cover background checks for the FAPs and children’s program staff that will serve at the 2013 Annual Session.
  • An augmentation to the 2012-13 budget will be requested at the 2013 Annual Session to cover the premium for sexual misconduct insurance. At this time, the insurance company has not responded with a quote.




YPC Supervisory Committee’s Evaluation Report to RepCom — March 2013



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Youth Program Coordinator Supervisory Committee (YPCSC)
Report to Representative Committee of Pacific Yearly Meeting

March 2013

Continue reading “YPC Supervisory Committee’s Evaluation Report to RepCom — March 2013”

Ad hoc committee recommendations to RepCom 2013


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Ad hoc committee recommendation to RepCom – March 2, 2013

The ad hoc committee to develop an explicit process for the selection and approval of a registration service for Annual Session recommends that PYM contract with an individual or team to assist the PYM registrars with the registration process for the 2013 Annual Session.  To proceed in a timely manner, the ad hoc committee recommends that we contract with the Berkeley Meeting registration team this year.  Since the addition of the online registration option in 2012 has lightened the workload a bit, the ad hoc committee suggests that the payment offered for this service be reduced from $5,000 to $3,000.

Beginning in 2013 the committee proposes that the application process for the contract registration team be announced at Annual Session and advertised among Meetings of PYM.  Applications would need to be submitted to the PYM registrars by October of the same year; the registrars would make a recommendation by early December to the appropriate PYM committee, yet to be determined (this might be ministry & oversight, finance, or nominating committee).

The ad hoc committee will meet again to consider the application, selection, and evaluation processes for the contract registration service.


Participating  ad hoc committee members:  Sarah Tyrrell & Joyce Samati, registrars, Ed Flowers, treasurer, Donna Smith, finance committee clerk, Barbara Babin, ministry & oversight clerk, & Elaine Emily, nominating committee member.



Proposed Registrars Job Description 2013


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This job description is for the Registrars, nominated by Nominating Committee, but also describes the work of the Contract Registration Service.  Prior to 2008, Pacific Yearly Meeting simply had all-volunteer Registrars, but that was found to be unworkable.  Two Registrars with overlapping 2-year terms.

General Comments for Reviewers

This draft is a proposed rewrite, attempting to describe what actually happens.  Some points need clarification, and revisions are expected.  Neither Nominating Cmte nor any other body has united with it as of current writing.  The job description of 2009 is a major source, but that version had only limited reference to a Contracted Service.  Covers Contract Registration Service in some detail because Nominating Committee can’t ask people to be Registrars unless they know what they do and don’t have to do.  Name “Contract Registration Service” is the best I could find.  Perhaps Friends can provide a better name. As to the word “Contract”: Even if there is no written contract, there is a verbal contract, and people need to understand the difference between the Registrars (volunteers found by Nominating) and the Contract Registration Service (found by the Registrars).  – Carl Anderson 2/21/13

Time Expectations:

This position takes significant time.

Tasks for Registrars and Contract Registration Service, With Times:

By mutual consent, assignment of tasks may be modified.  In case a Contract Registration Service is not used, most of the tasks below would remain, and the Registrars would do them.

Comment  on Formatting

Most job descriptions don’t have tables, so the formatting of this particular job description differs somewhat from the others.  However,  most job descriptions don’t have to compare tasks between different sorts of positions.  Format may be modified somewhat, but a table is probably best.  – Carl


Contract Registration Service

prior to Representative Committee (typically late February or early March)  
Attend meeting to develop and set fees for annual session. Meeting should also include Arrangements Clerks, Presiding Clerk, Treasurer , Clerk of Finance Committee, Statistical Clerk, and others as needed.  
Select, hire, and supervise Contract Registration Service, in consultation with the ad hoc committee that sets fees.
Present fee schedule to Representative Committee.  (Question: Is this done by Registrars, or by Finance Cmte?)
between RepCom and yearly meeting  
Assist development of registration materials.  Gather materials from Arrangements Clerks, Assistant to the Clerk, etc., and send to Contract Registration Service. Develop registration materials.  For details, see Appendix.
(Question:  Who notifies Western Friend, etc.?) Distribute registration materials
Set up and maintain website for registration.  Some attenders will use it; others will use paper.
Receive registration materials.  Send confirmations of registration.
Collect payments.  As directed by PYM Treasurer, deposit funds in bank and report.
Consolidate information on days of attendance, housing and meal preferences, etc.  Provide to site and to Finance.
Consolidate information on special needs, workshop & fellowship group interests, etc. & make available to PYM committees etc.
Assist Contract Registration Service in assignment of sleeping quarters Assign sleeping quarters (rooms, campsites if allowed on site, etc.)
Recruit volunteers to assist with check-in Create name tags and meal tickets
at yearly meeting
Check people in at some particular times when the Contract Registration Service isn’t doing that job.   Optionally, may assist CRS during busy periods. Check people in.  Set up table, distribute name tags, meal tickets, etc.  Adjust for any changes since receiving registration form (e.g, dates attending).  Collect money due. For minors, gather permission slips etc. and forward.   Check-in will be open at particular times, to be arranged.  At some times, especially the busy periods, Contract Registration Service will take lead; at other times, volunteer Registrars may do this task.
Prepare list of Yearly Meeting attenders – distribute at end of session
Be ombudspersons.  Receive and respond to problems and concerns. Provide updated info to PYM committees: children’s program, JYM, special needs, etc.
Coordinate with site staff Assist coordination with site staff.  Provide updated meal counts to site staff, Registrars, etc.
after yearly meeting
Participate in evaluation session Collect payments still due (Question: does CRS do this? If not, who?)
Authorize Treasurer to make refunds to persons who have overpaid Report to Registrars on persons who have overpaid
Participate in settling of accounts with site Provide information to Registrars for settling of accounts with site

APPENDIX: Checklist of Items for Registration Materials

Adapt as needed.  For some of these items, it may suffice to refer to other sources.

o            Presiding Clerk’s call to PYM session

o            how to apply for financial assistance to attend PYM session

o            items relevant to children and teens, such as permission slips

o            directions to site (driving, public transportation)

o            site map including parking areas

o            rules and regulations of site

o            campus security

o            schedule of week’s activity

o            list of interest groups, affinity groups, special events

o            what to bring (e.g., towels, flashlights, etc.)

o            meal ticket arrangements

Some persons will attend part time.  Also, there will be day attenders.  Registration systems must accommodate various possibilities.  (Comment: We regulars know this, but if we need to find a new Contract Registration Service, they need to understand.)



2013 RepCom Children’s Program Committee Report


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 Children’s Program Committee Report for Rep Com, 3/2/13

Members of the Children’s Program Committee for 2013 are:  Terrill Keeler, clerk; Rhea Farley, past clerk; Davetta Williams; Denise Williams; and Nate Secrest.    Heather Elrick-Forbes, who has served on the committee for the past two years, has resigned due to professional and family demands.  Her insight, awareness of children’s needs, and grounded presence will be missed.  Nominating committee has been notified of this change.

The committee has met twice by conference call to begin plans for the 2013 Annual Session Children’s Program.  Our priority has been to begin a search for a Children’s Program Coordinator.  We have done this by contacting last year’s teachers and past committee members, and by having notice of the search emailed to meeting representatives and clerks.   Alyssa Nelson helped by posting it on the PYM Facebook page.  We hope to select a coordinator in a timely manner in order to work together on teacher selection and curriculum development.

The committee was asked by the Finance Committee to review the Draft Proposal for Teacher and FAP Scholarships, and Travel Reimbursement and has done so.  Suggestions for changes or additions to this policy will be presented for consideration at Rep Com.

Respectfully submitted,

Terrill Keeler, Children’s Program Committee Clerk




2013 Annual Session Proposed Budget


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2012 Proposed
6100 · Income Budget Actual 2013
6110 · Miscellaneous Contributions 1,000 225 250
6111 · Registration fees for Session 119,150 98,816 106,800
6112 · Fees from Session Accts. 8,241 8,000
6113 · Fees from General Accts. 6,607 6,000
Total 6100 · Income 120,150 113,889 121,050
6200 · Expenses
6220 · Registrar’s Expenses 300 92 200
6221 · Secretariat’s Expenses 1,000 726 1,500
6222 · Arrangement Clerk Expenses 1,000 0 600
6223 · Children’s Program 12,500 9,928 11,000
6224 · Cost of Facilities 83,000 71,629 92,400
6225 · Junior Yearly Meeting 5,700 4,819 5,500
6226 · Young Friends 200 53 200
6227 · Breakage 100 0 100
6228 · PYM Clerk’s Invited Guests 1,000 422 1,000
6229 · Insurance 2,200 500 500
6232 · Bank Fees 50 12 50
6233 · Miscellaneous 100 0 0
6234 · Fee for registration 5,000 5,000 3,000
6235 · Contingency Expenses 8,000 0 5,000
Total 6200 · Expenses 120,150 93,181 121,050
Excess: 20,708

2013 Annual Session Proposed Fees


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Proposed 2013 Annual Session Fees


Age/Status Fee #Att. Totals
Mtg. for Memorials 0
0-5 0 4 0
6 to 12 camping & economy 180 16 2,880
13-25 camping & economy 300 22 6,600
Adult camping & economy 425 75 31,875
dormitory 6-12 230 4 920
dormitory 13-25 300 9 2,700
dormitory adult 550 50 27,500
trpl/dble 6-12 340 2 680
trpl/dbl adult 670 35 23,450
double w/b 6-12 500 2 1,000
double w/b adult 750 10 7,500
single w/ bath 950 0 0
daily camping 6-12 40 0 0
daily camping 13-25 60 6 360
daily camping adult 90 8 720
daily semi-private 6-12 70 0 0
daily semi-private adult 140 4 560
daily deluxe 200 1 200
248 106,945

2013 RepCom Finance Report


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Finance Committee brings forward the following items for consideration:

1.  Request for budget augmentations:

a.  PYM Delegates, Western Friend Board, Expense Account line 5271 was budgeted at $1500.  Western Friend Board Travel Reserve Account line 2748 contains $765.  As of 2/28/2013, $1323 has been spent from the Expense Account.  With the expenditure of the Reserve Account total, an augmentation of $235 to the Expense Account is requested.  The total of Expense Account line 5271 would then be $1558.

Reason: The budgeted Expense Account and the Reserve Account are not sufficient to cover estimated travel expenses.

b.  PYM Delegates, Evangelical Friends Church SW, Expense Account #5283. Originally budgeted $150. Request augmentation of $150 bringing total to $300.

Reason: The budgeted amount was not sufficient to cover travel expenses.

2.  Informational question—

If you could charge the Annual Session expense to a credit card, would you pay a 3% surcharge and use that option?

3.  Finance committee is exploring alternatives to banking with Wells, Fargo.  Bank of the West has branches in Northern and Southern California.  Bank of the West is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas and BNP Paribas is an international corporation with headquarters in Paris and London.  Please email any information you might have, pros and cons, about Bank of the West to the PYM Treasurer, Ed Flowers at flowers2@sonic.net.

4.  Proposed Annual Session Budget and Fee Schedule Attachments. (links to PDF files)


Submitted by Donna Smith, Clerk, PYM Finance Com.