New Indigenous Concerns Subcommittee and Survey (due July 31)

A message from the Indigenous Concerns Subcommittee Co-clerks

Dear Friends in PacYM Meetings, Worship Groups, Committees, Quarterly Meetings, and Related Organizations,

In February of this year, Ministry Committee of PacYM approved forming a subcommittee on Indigenous Concerns under its care. You can read more about it in the Indigenous Concerns report to RepCom from March 2021 and on the Indigenous Concerns web page. The subcommittee is still in a formative stage and seeks members and advisors/accountability partners. 

As part of getting going in service to the yearly meeting and all the local meetings, we are starting conversations, creating connections, and learning what Friends in our PacYM region are already doing on this topic, including via a survey.

The purposes of this email are:

1) To introduce this new subcommittee to you all. Aloha! Hola! Hello!

2) To ask you to designate someone to fill out this survey by July 31. (Estimated time to complete: 15-20 minutes.) Please see below for more information about the survey.

3) To invite recommendations and self-nominations of Friends –Indigenous and non-Indigenous– who might like to serve on this subcommittee and of Indigenous Friends who may prefer being an advisor or accountability partner. There is space to submit names on the survey, and anyone is welcome to email us. (Ministry Committee is responsible for appointments to its subcommittees.) Currently no subcommittee members are Indigenous.

4) To ask you to spread the word about how to sign up for the Friends for Right Relationship listserv, an online community of f/Friends, mostly in the US and Canada, for sharing information and asking questions. (See our web page for details on how to join.)

5) And to remind folks about the Braiding Sweetgrass Online Worship Group, currently 1st Mondays, 7-9 pm Pacific, via zoom. All are welcome. Hosted by PacYM Unity with Nature Committee and co-sponsored by Indigenous Concerns Subcommittee and Youth Programs Coordinating Committee. See this post about the worship group and this google doc for updates.

Please read on for more details about the survey:

Survey deadline has been extended to July 31(Estimated time to complete survey: 15-20 minutes.)

This survey is formatted to be filled out by designees from each Meeting/Worship Group, PacYM Committee, Quarterly Meeting, and related Quaker organizations. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Individual Friends may email us any input or questions.

Our intention is to compile a summary of the actions that local meetings, orgs, and committees are taking via our page on the site to promote sharing, networking, learning, and action. We will update the page from time to time as we all learn and grow in these efforts and as meetings, committees, and organizations have new information to share. No individual person’s name or contact info will be shared on the website without prior consent.

Please keep in touch to tell us what you’re already doing and where you’d like support. We can play a connecting role to put meetings/committees/orgs in touch with each other as needs and interests arise. The subcommittee has no expectation that any meeting or organization is trying to take on many of the actions listed in the survey all at once. Continuing revelation can come slowly or in leaps and jumps: we’re all learning and growing into awareness and actions together.

Thank you!

The new PacYM Indigenous Concerns Subcommittee:

  • Lisa Hubbell & Alyssa Nelson, Co-Convenors
  • Sophie Wood Brinker
  • Jim Summers and Gail Eastwood, Liaisons from PacYM Ministry Committee

CONTACT: IndigenousConcernsClerk [at] PacificYearlyMeeting [dot] org 


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