Children’s Program at Annual Session 2022

Children love Annual Session. The Children’s Program works to engage our youngest with fun, explorative, and learning experiences. Kids get to connect with other Quaker kids over activities like art and crafts, nature walks, gardening, story telling, and much more.

Somewhere between an outdoor education classroom, and First Day school the Annual Session provides a wonderful space for kids to explore Quakerism in ways that are age appropriate. It’s also a great place to connect over Quaker programming as the Children’s Program Committee has many previous First Day school teachers, and is also putting on Family Field trips throughout the year- where your children can reconnect with their Quaker friends.

The official children’s program at Annual Session has a morning drop off after breakfast and a lunch pick up. After lunch, kids are signed back in to be picked up by 4:30 pm. Outside of the official programming the expectation is that the children are under the supervision of their guardians. This year, there will be Community Sharing sessions (4:30-5:30 pm) offering fun activities for all ages.

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