Children’s Program Committee

The role of the Children’s Program Committee (“CPC”) is to coordinate an educational program and activities for infants and children during PacYM’s Annual Session. This page has information about the work of CPC in organizing that program. For information about the Children’s Program itself, visit the Children page in the Youth section of the website.

Committee Job Description

The Children’s Program Committee is responsible for coordinating and operating at the annual session of Yearly Meeting an educational program and activities for infants and children up through age 13. (Children age 13 can choose whether to participate in children’s program or Junior Yearly Meeting teen program.) It meets several times during the year in planning for the annual session, and meets frequently during the annual session.

CPC selects, supervises and evaluates the program coordinators, and determines the level of their stipend. This committee consists of six members, who serve three-year overlapping terms, with two members appointed annually. The current and immediate past coordinators are members ex officio.” (From PYM Faith & Practice, p. 180, “The Yearly Meeting as an Organization”)


Past reports from the Children’s Program Committee

Contacts and Committee Info

  • Feel free to contact the Children’s Program Committee Co-clerk with any questions: Rhea Farley, Strawberry Creek 
  • The committee also appoints a Children’s Program Coordinator and two Onsite Coordinators for our Annual Sessions. (Since we met virtually in 2020, these positions have not yet been filled).
  • If you are interested in serving on Children’s Program Committee or know a Friend who has the gifts and interest for this service, contact the Nominating Committee to make that information known.
  • Job descriptions for CP Committee, Teachers, and Coordinators.
  • The CPC is not responsible for planning children’s programs or support throughout the year. Please contact our Religious Education Subcommittee for year-round assistance pertaining to children and families.


 Some older documents related to Children’s Program Committee can be found here.

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