Racial Justice Subcommittee

The Racial Justice Subcommittee (RJSC) of the Ministry Committee was established in 2010 in order to “facilitate candid, loving dialogue and transformative activities regarding racial justice and racial healing within Pacific Yearly Meeting.”

Background on the vision for the subcommittee can be found in this announcement of its formation:
An Exciting New Racial Justice Initiative in Pacific Yearly Meeting.

Here is the current Racial Justice Subcommittee Vision Statement and Job Description (revised 12/2020).


The Racial Justice Subcommittee maintains a separate page of recommended resources on racial justice.

Building Beloved Community Resource Handout from an Interest Group at 2019 Annual Session

Poem and Quotes from the White Fragility Interest Group at 2020 Annual Session


Most reports to Annual Sessions and RepCom meetings from the Racial Justice Subcommittee have been incorporated into the report from its parent committee, the Ministry (formerly Ministry & Oversight) Committee.  The following are reports that were presented directly:


Racial Justice Subcommittee Job Description – 2011 (obsolete)

Contact Information

See the complete Roster of PYM Officeholders (officers, appointees, committee members, and delegates) for information about the current co-clerks and makeup of the subcommittee.